Yun Nans Stonepot Chicken Soup

Yun Nans—Stonepot Chicken Soup 1 (image supplied)
Yun Nans—Stonepot Chicken Soup 1 (image supplied)

Yun Nans Stonepot Chicken Soup is a new addition to the restaurant’s extensive menu. Made using the premium breed of Kabir chicken, this dish promises to be a rich and creamy delight for all food enthusiasts. Yun Nans is known for its unique culinary offerings; this latest addition is no exception. The Stonepot Chicken Soup with Pig’s Stomach will entice diners with its succulent, melt-in-your-mouth chicken meat and savoury umami broth.

What Makes Yun Nans Stonepot Chicken Soup Special?

The Stonepot Chicken Soup with Pig’s Stomach stands out due to its unique combination of ingredients and cooking methods. The Kabir chicken, exclusively raised for the restaurant, is reared for no more than 120 days to reach the optimum weight of 1.4 kg-1.5 kg. This results in tender meat with lesser fat content, retaining the natural sweetness and flavour of the original free-range chicken.

The chicken is cooked under high pressure with a pig’s stomach, highland white corn, Yunnan golden fungus, and a hearty soup base. In just eight minutes, diners can enjoy succulent, melt-in-your-mouth chicken meat with a savoury umami broth that is simply divine.

The Distinctive Soup Base

The key to the unforgettable taste of Yun Nans Stonepot Chicken Soup lies in its soup base. Made by simmering cured ham, pork bones, old hen, chicken feet, and duck for over six hours, the soup base has an added touch of Hainan white peppercorn to bring out its full-bodied richness. Every sip of the soup is a revelation, perfectly complementing the tender chicken meat.

Cooking with the Granite Stonepot and High-Pressure Steaming Method

Yun Nans imports each granite stone pot from Yunnan, specially handcrafted for the restaurant. The stone pot heats the food evenly and retains heat well. Covered with a handcrafted straw hat that doubles as the pot’s lid, the fish/chicken and broth are subjected to a unique high-pressure steaming method. This completely smokeless cooking process extracts the most natural flavours while retaining tenderness. The straw hat lid helps maintain a temperature of 160 degrees, ensuring a perfect result every time.

Exploring Yun Nans’ New and Signature Hot Dishes

Alongside the introduction of the Stonepot Chicken Soup, Yun Nans continues to impress with its lineup of new and signature hot dishes that cater to a variety of taste preferences.

New Hot Dishes

  • Deep-fried Crispy Shrimp Heads ($9.90): These umami-packed shrimp heads are deep-fried in high heat and then tossed with a house-made spice mix featuring Yunnan Qiubei chilli. The result is a delightful crunch that seafood lovers will appreciate.
  • Stir-Fried Chayote Leaves with Soy Bean Sauce ($15.90): This home-style dish of the Dai minority is made with chayote leaves stir-fried with Yunnan bean sauce—a great way to enjoy your greens with a touch of authentic Yunnan flavour.

Signature Hot Dishes

  • YUN NANS Signature Fried Rice ($8.80): Satisfy your cravings with this flavorful fried rice dish, made with golden rice grains, eggs, and a specially concocted three-blend soy sauce by YUN NANS’ head chef.
  • Stir-Fried Wild Porcini Mushrooms with Dried Chillies ($27.90): Handpicked from the highlands, the wild porcini mushrooms are flash-fried with Yunnan dried chillies and solo garlic, giving the dish a slightly crunchy texture and deep flavours.
  • Stir-Fried Pork Collar with Scallions ($17.90): Tender slices of pork collar are flash-fried with a light sauce and then tossed with scallions, resulting in a fragrant and sweet dish that pairs well with the other hot offerings.

These new and signature hot dishes provide a diverse range of flavours and textures, making Yun Nans an ideal dining destination for food lovers looking to explore the culinary delights of Yunnan cuisine.

Review of Yun Nans Stonepot Chicken Soup with Pig’s Stomach

The taste of the Stonepot Chicken Soup with Pig’s Stomach was rich in flavour and mildly peppery. However, the smell might be overwhelming for those not accustomed to eating pig’s stomach. I found the hot dishes, especially the Stir-Fried Wild Porcini Mushrooms with Dried Chillies, more to my liking. The addictive crisp bits of garlic hidden within the dried chillies were a pleasant surprise. The Signature Fried Rice is done well and pairs excellently with the Deep-fried Crispy Shrimp Heads, adding a crisp texture to the dish.

Our friends enjoyed other popular menu items like the Lychee Prawn Balls – succulent prawns encased in a lychee-infused batter that adds a touch of fruity sweetness to each bite – and the Grilled Chicken Skin, which boasts a perfect balance of crispy texture and rich, smoky flavour.

One of the best aspects of dining at Yun Nans is the ability to customise your meal. You can order meats, seafood, and vegetables to add to the Stonepot Chicken Soup, tailoring it to your preferences.

Our visits to Yun Nans are always enjoyable, as the dining area is spacious and the staff are super friendly, making the experience all the more delightful. The comforting food is perfect for catching up with friends or bringing groups of families together. Yun Nans has consistently provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it a go-to destination for great food and memorable dining experiences.

About Yun Nans

Yun Nans is Singapore’s first stone pot cooking concept specialising in high-pressure steaming methods. Their focus on preserving their ingredients’ freshness and natural flavours has earned them a loyal following. The restaurant’s innovative approach to traditional Yunnan cuisine has made it a favourite among foodies in Singapore.

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