QQ Rice: New Healthy Bento Sets

QQ Rice has been around since 2010 in Singapore and offers healthier food options like rice rolls, bento boxes, snack rolls, oat rice and porridge. Their focus is to serve up nutritious rice apart from your usual white rice, so their range includes: mixed grains, red rice, brown rice, purple rice, wheat five and oat rice. Currently they have 14 outlets in Singapore with dine-in and takeaway options.

In March 2017, they launched two new healthy bento sets, the Rosemary Herb Chicken Bento and Peranakan Herb Chicken Bento.

QQ RIce - Peranakan Herb Chicken Bento
QQ RIce – Peranakan Herb Chicken Bento 娘惹鸡 肉便当

Peranakan Herb Chicken Bento 娘惹鸡肉便当

The chicken in this set is infused with a combination of Chinese and Malay herbs to give it a savoury, sweet and mildly spicy flavour. Marinated then baked, this chicken is tender on the inside and flavourful. The bento set comes with oat rice and a side of vegetables. We loved the sambal sauce that came on the side too. Perfect to add extra flavour to the rice.

QQ Rice - Rosemary Herb Chicken Bento
QQ Rice – Rosemary Herb Chicken Bento 迷迭香鸡肉便当

Rosemary Herb Chicken Bento 迷迭香鸡肉便当

For those who like refreshing, aromatic flavours, the Rosemary Herb Chicken Bento would be for you. With a lighter flavour and hints of rosemary which is said to contain medicinal properties beneficial for health, this chicken has also been roasted to a tender texture. This bento also comes with rice and a side of vegetables.

QQ Rice - Oat Rice
QQ Rice – Oat Rice

Oat Rice

At QQ Rice the founder, Mr. Yu Cheng-Lung, spent 20 years developing their Oat Rice. It has a nutty aroma and the oats have a slightly firm texture which we enjoyed in contrast to the meat in the bento sets. It’s believed that Oat Rice can help digestion, reduce blood glucose and eradicate bad cholesterol.


Apart from rice rolls and bento sets, these goodies caught our eyes. For those always on-the-go, grab one of these snack rolls with nutritious mixed grain rice stuffed with various fillings. Flavours range from Honey Goose, Raisin Nut Chicken, Chilli Ikan Bilis and lots more!

QQ Rice

Delicious Purple Rice Soya

We loved the Purple Rice Soya at QQ Rice! With natural sweetness from purple rice, we were told that there’s no sweeteners added, which makes this super healthy in our books.

As the focus at QQ Rice is on healthier options, dishes are prepared using sunflower oil, less oil and salt and no added MSG. That’s a few less things to worry about when you’re grabbing a meal or snack at their outlets.

*The new bento sets are available at all QQ Rice stores except Hillion Mall.

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