Cafe Usagi TOKYO in Singapore

Cafe Usagi Signature Mochi Ice Cream (image supplied)
Cafe Usagi Signature Mochi Ice Cream (image supplied)

If you are a lover of Japanese desserts, then you should visit Cafe Usagi TOKYO in Singapore. The cafe, founded by Japanese Chef/Creative Director Yuka Shigeno and Co-founder Artini, offers a wide range of authentic Japanese treats with a modern twist. There is something for everyone, from handcrafted flavoured ice cream to handmade mochi and waffles.

Co-founder Artini and Chef:Creative Director Yuka Shigeno (image supplied)
Co-founder Artini and Chef:Creative Director Yuka Shigeno (image supplied)

Chef Yuka’s background as a nail artist has honed her eye for colour combinations and design, which she uses to create the aesthetics of her offerings and plating. She continuously strives to improve the taste of her creations as a chef, with her son serving as a lodestar to create delicious, high-quality desserts that everyone will enjoy.

Cafe Usagi TOKYO offers a range of unique treats that are worth trying. The Cafe Usagi Rabbit Bread comes in three flavours: Hokkaido Chocolate Chip, Matcha with Hokkaido Azuki Red Bean and Mochi, and Milk White Bread. The Dorayaki Cake makes a great alternative to traditional cake for special occasions, while the Mochi Dorayaki allows you to enjoy two traditional Japanese snacks in one bite. The Handmade Daifuku Fruit Mochi is a must-try, incredibly soft and chewy treat, while the Mochi Ice Cream with soft, sticky sweet rice dough will surely delight.

The Japanese Flavoured Handcrafted Ice Cream is made with imported Hokkaido milk instead of powder mix, lending the dessert a richness and superb taste. The Original Waffles with Kuromitsu Syrup make a great foil for the cold ice cream, while Mochi Waffles with Kuromitsu Syrup add an extra layer of texture.

The Japanese revere green tea, and Chef/Creative Director Yuka is no exception. The café offers an array of tea, with the Hojicha tea leaves delicately harvested and imported from Kyoto. The Sencha tea leaves are from Kyushu, Miyazaki respectively, while the lavender earl grey tea is infused with real lavender flowers.

The interior of the café is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, creating a congenial atmosphere where you can relax and indulge with your friends. Plans are also in the pipeline to transform part of the space into a retail store, where you can browse and purchase Japanese-themed products such as teapots, tea leaves and sake.

Cafe Usagi 1-for-1 Mochi Ice Cream Promotion happening on 9 to 10 Apr (image supplied)
Cafe Usagi 1-for-1 Mochi Ice Cream Promotion happening on 9 to 10 Apr (image supplied)

1-FOR-1 Mochi Ice Cream Promotion

Cafe Usagi TOKYO is a paradise for dessert lovers, and the 1-for-1 Mochi Ice Cream promotion on 9th and 10th April 2023 at their Suntec City outlet is not to be missed. Visit the outlet and enjoy 1-for-1 Mochi Ice Cream all day, limited to 2 orders per customer, till sold out.

Cafe Usagi TOKYO

Suntec City
Suntec City Tower 3, 8 Temasek Blvd, #02-615A, Singapore 038983
Operating hours: Mon – Sun, 11am – 10pm

111 Somerset
Address: 111 Somerset Rd, #01-42, Singapore 238164
Operating hours: Mon – Sat, 9am – 8pm

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