RUHENS New POP Water Dispenser

RUHENS, a leading provider of water purifiers, has introduced its latest innovation: the RUHENS POP Water Dispenser. This new water dispenser is more than just a water purifier, as it offers a range of features and benefits that make it flexible, hygienic, and safe for the whole family.

Flexible Water Temperatures and Quantity Control

The RUHENS POP dispenses water in five different temperatures, from cold to hot. This allows users to choose the temperature that suits their needs best. The dispenser also comes with a clever quantity control feature that allows users to pre-set the amount of water they need, ranging from 120ml to 1200ml. This helps avoid water wastage and accidental spillage.

Hidden Nozzle and Self-Automated Sterilisation

The RUHENS POP is designed with a self-extending nozzle automatically tucked away when unused. This prevents exposure to air contaminants that may affect water quality. The nozzle is equipped with a three-step sterilisation system that self-sterilises every hour for 5 minutes using UV-C LED to kill contamination and bacteria it may have collected in the nozzle. It uses Electrode Sterilisation to sterilise the water pathway every 7 days. Then, it also self-cleans every 24 hours by removing residual water from the water pathway. Once done, the nozzle goes back to hiding itself to avoid exposure to the air.

Filter System for Clean, Quality Water

The RUHENS POP comes with a 5-Stage Filtration System exclusively developed for RUHENS’ water purifiers. The Micro Carbon Filter eliminates harmful pollutants, such as iron, aluminium & mercury, and pollutants greater than 5μm, while the Nanofact Plus Filter removes water contaminants, such as waterborne micro-organisms, bacteria as well as viruses, and the Post Carbon Block Filter absorbs the remaining harmful organic chemicals, such as chlorine, bad taste, and odour from feed water. RUHENS also offers an option for an Alkaline filter that changes the water into mild alkaline water. These filters are detachable for easy cleaning and replacement. The filter change indicator automatically reminds users when the filters need to be changed, thus keeping the filters optimised.

Child-Safe Features

The RUHENS POP has a child safety lock that regulates hot water dispensing. For the convenience of the younger ones, a Toddler button is located at the bottom of the machine for children to help themselves to water, which dispenses only cold or room temperature water.

Dual Tray for Different Cup Sizes

The dispenser also comes with a dual tray that users can switch according to various cup sizes to easily access water.

Pricing and Availability

The RUHENS POP comes in Titanium White and Titanium Grey and is priced at $2,099. It is available for purchase at RUHENS Studios.

In conclusion, the RUHENS POP Water Dispenser offers a range of features and benefits that make it a must-have for any household. From flexible water temperatures to child-safe features, this water dispenser is designed to provide the best for you and your family when it comes to water. Get yours today at RUHENS Studios and experience clean, fresh water like never before.

RUHENS: Website

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