05 Aug 2020
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The Chocolate Divine English Afternoon Tea at L'Espresso

L’Espresso: ‘Chocolate Divine’ English Afternoon Tea

Till 8th April 2018, L'Espresso at Goodwood Park Hotel is hosting guests with a lineup of chocolate treats and savoury options in their 'Chocolate...
Coffee Trends

Cutting Edge Coffee: The Latest Coffee Trends

Coffee drinkers don’t need many reasons to get their regular cup every day. If you love it, you keep going back. Baristas though are...

Singapore’s St Honoré Pastry Event

CNIElL (Centre National Interprofessionel de l’Economie Laitiere), the umbrella organization for the French dairy industry has organised a series of events with Chef’s from...
Chocolate Happiness

Why Chocolate Makes You Happier

Everybody loves chocolate. It is the delicious treat that you enjoy from a young age. It’s hard not to let out a satisfied ‘Mmmm’...
Coffee Brewing Techniques

Coffee brewing techniques. What’s the difference?

When looking for a way to make coffee you can be overwhelmed by the myriad options presented to you. With so many choices it’s...
The benefits of coffee

Benefits of Drinking Espresso

Always feel better after that first coffee of the morning? Well it turns out there may be some science behind that. Espresso, in moderation,...