Joy Luck Teahouse Mother’s Day Promos

Joy Luck Teahouse Mother's Day Egg Tarts Promo
Joy Luck Teahouse Mother's Day Egg Tarts Promo

This Mother’s Day, Joy Luck Teahouse is offering an exclusive Gift of Love promotion to celebrate the love and appreciation we have for our mums. Known for their delicious Hong Kong-style egg tarts, Joy Luck Teahouse is the perfect place to treat your mum to her favourite flavours. With six tasty options, there’s something for every mum at Joy Luck Teahouse this Mother’s Day!

Joy Luck Teahouse Mother's Day Egg Tarts Promo
Joy Luck Teahouse Mother’s Day Egg Tarts Promo

The Joy Luck Teahouse Mother’s Day Gift of Love promotion features a box of six egg tarts at a special price of S$13.80 (UP: $16.80). The flavours include the classic Pandan Egg Tart, the unique Lychee Popping Joy Egg Tart, the indulgent Dark Chocolate Egg Tart, the nourishing Collagen Egg Tart, and the all-time favourite Original Cookie Crust.

Egg tarts hold a special place in the hearts of many Singaporeans, evoking warm memories of childhood and family gatherings. Gifting your mother a box of Joy Luck Teahouse’s exquisite egg tarts will satisfy her taste buds and touch her heart with nostalgia. These delectable treats are a reminder of love, care, and appreciation for her, making Mother’s Day an unforgettable occasion.

In addition to their mouthwatering egg tarts, Joy Luck is famous for other authentic Hong Kong-style delicacies that you shouldn’t miss when visiting their outlets. Their fluffy and sweet Pineapple Buns, served with a slab of butter, are a must-try for pastry enthusiasts. For those who prefer a savoury option, the Pork Chop Bun is delicious, featuring a tender and juicy pork chop sandwiched between two crispy buns.

No visit would be complete without trying their signature Hong Kong-style Milk Tea. Made with premium tea leaves and a special blend of ingredients, their milk tea is smooth, aromatic, and highly addictive. Pair it with any of their delectable treats, and you have a perfect teatime experience that will transport you to the bustling streets of Hong Kong.

To make this Mother’s Day even more special, Joy Luck Teahouse offers a purchase-with-purchase promotion: Enjoy 40% off up to 3 INSTANT ready-to-eat (RTE) products when you buy the Mother’s Day Gift of Love Egg Tart Box. Surprise your mum with a delicious and convenient home meal featuring Singaporean and Asian Gourmet dishes curated by MICHELIN-awarded top chefs from Hong Kong and popular hawkers from Singapore.

Visit Joy Luck Teahouse Singapore at their Chinatown outlet (274 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058823), or order online (subject to delivery charges) to take advantage of this exclusive Mother’s Day promotion.

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