Fanntasy: Mother’s Day Yuzu Matcha Tart

Fanntasy—Mother's Day 2023 (image supplied)

Singaporean actress Fann Wong’s dessert venture, Fanntasy, is launching a seasonal Mother’s Day treat, the Yuzu Matcha Tart. The tart boasts a sweet and tangy flavour profile and is decorated with rose petals for a touch of sophistication.

Fanntasy—Mother's Day 2023—Yuzu Matcha Tart (image supplied)
Fanntasy—Mother’s Day 2023—Yuzu Matcha Tart (image supplied)

The tart has a buttery sable base that houses a soft layer of almond sponge. It is then layered with matcha crémeux, a velvety and creamy filling infused with premium Japanese green tea powder. Finally, the tart is finished with yuzu curd, whose zesty tang plays foil to the earthiness of the matcha crémeux.

Alongside the Yuzu Matcha Tart, Fanntasy is also bringing back two all-time favourites: the Valrhona Chocolate Tart and the Raspberry Sakura Yogurt Tart. The Valrhona Chocolate Tart is made with Valrhona 70% dark chocolate, making it extra rich and chocolatey. Beneath the chocolate crémeux is a layer of delicate almond sponge, balancing the overall flavour. The Raspberry Sakura Yogurt Tart is a multi-layered tart featuring Greek yoghurt mousse, almond sponge, and raspberry marmalade.

All three offerings will be available on April 12, 2023, at 1:05 pm via the Fanntasy website. The tarts are while stocks last and can be pre-ordered for Mother’s Day.

Fanntasy—Mother's Day 2023—Yuzu Matcha Tart (image supplied)
Fanntasy—Mother’s Day 2023—Fann Wong (image supplied)

Fanntasy is an F&B venture by Fann Wong, who began dabbling in baking circa 2020 and soon developed a passion for it. Signature offerings include the Valrhona Chocolate Tart and Musang King Gula Melaka Tart, sure to satisfy the palates of sweet-toothed individuals.

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