NOX – Dining in the Dark: A Sensory Adventure Like No Other


I was excited to experience Singapore’s version of dining in the dark at NOX and was not disappointed. We arrived and enjoyed a few cocktails in the waiting lounge before we were guided into a pitch-black dining room on the second floor to begin our multisensory culinary adventure.

Our guide, Bernard, was blind and had been specially trained to offer guidance and reassurance to sighted guests. We were guided to our seats and familiarised ourselves with the table setting with guidance. We enjoyed the three-course menu, and I chose the cocktail pairing menu. There’s also wine and mocktail pairing available with your meal.

We were transported to a new world of mystery and sensation in the pitch-black room where the only thing you can see are the infrared security sensors. Every dish on the menu is crafted by NOX’s Chef de Cuisine and his team, and they try to rotate the menu every 2 months so that there’s always a surprise element to your meal.

It was exciting to try to guess what we were eating throughout the meal as we had to rely on the food’s aromas, tastes and textures. It was also interesting to listen to the room and figure out how everyone moves in the darkness. We were impressed by Bernard’s optimism on life as he shared his inspiring story and background as an English drama teacher before losing his vision—something we can all learn from.

The end of the dinner was just as interactive as the rest of the experience. We were asked to complete a survey and guess what we had eaten. It was a great way to end the evening and see how refined (or not) our palates were.

Overall, my experience at NOX – Dining in the Dark was inspiring. It would be a great place for a special occasion, date night, or even a group of friends looking for a unique dining experience. They can cater for tables up to 6 pax. I highly recommend NOX to anyone looking for something out of the ordinary that will challenge their senses and leave them feeling inspired and thankful.

Take advantage of this unique sensory adventure you won’t find anywhere else in Singapore.

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83 Club St, Singapore 069451