Salt & Palm arrives in Singapore

Salt & Palm Singapore—A la Carte Dishes
Salt & Palm Singapore—A la Carte Dishes [image supplied]

Salt & Palm, a new neighbourhood resto-bar serving a modern take on the flavours of the East Indies, has arrived in Singapore. The restaurant, founded by brother-and-sister restaurateurs, Mark and Natasya Soetantyo, offers a progressive menu combining contemporary cooking techniques with traditional spices to create complex flavours.

Salt & Palm Singapore—Mark & Natasya
Salt & Palm Singapore—Mark & Natasya [image supplied]

Named after the sparkling seas of Indonesia and the swaying palm trees that line the beaches of its many islands, Salt & Palm seeks to introduce the diversity of Indonesian cuisine through a modern approach and fun experience. The restaurant offers a casual, serene atmosphere and quality ingredients, making it the perfect place to dine for every occasion.

The kitchens of Salt & Palm is helmed by Executive Chef Natasya Soetantyo, who founded and launched Salt & Palm Sydney in 2018. While Natasya oversees the kitchen, her brother Mark takes on the restaurant’s branding and lends his creative eye to stand Salt & Palm out from its first outpost in Sydney.

Salt & Palm’s menu offers a variety of dishes inspired by Indonesian cuisine, including starters like Kerupuk, a staple in Indonesian eating traditions featuring a medley of crunchy rice crackers and tempe chips served with green chilli sambal, chilli tomato salsa, and chilli lemongrass shallot salsa. Other flavourful dishes on the menu include the Potato Cake, a fun iteration of the Indonesian perkedel made of potato, vegan mayo and topped with seaweed-based vegan caviar, and the Fish Cake, prepared and cooked Balinese-style from minced fish and a blend of traditional spices, finished off with chicken skin tuile and served with chilli lemongrass shallot salsa.

For those looking for something heartier, Salt & Palm offers the Mixed Vegetables, a gado-gado-inspired dish of baby spinach, cabbage, beansprouts, cucumber, and fried tofu added with more modern ingredients like tempe chips and roasted corn before slathered with a house-made peanut sauce. Meat options include the Porchetta, Salt & Palm’s version of the popular Balinese babi guling, where pork belly is first marinated in a unique basa genap traditional spice blend before cooked Italian-style for a Western twist.

Salt & Palm Singapore—Wine Offerings
Salt & Palm Singapore—Wine Offerings [image supplied]

Salt & Palm also offers a selection of natural and conventional wines and cocktails specially curated to complement its cuisine and create a unique taste profile.

Located in the colourful neighbourhood of Joo Chiat, Salt & Palm invites diners to be reacquainted with flavours of Indonesia removed from the traditional and economical takeaway concepts. The restaurant seems the perfect place to unwind with friends while enjoying good food, wine, and music in the trendy neighbourhood.

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Salt & Palm

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