Dakga: Chicken-Centric Korean BBQ Restaurant in Singapore

Dakga - Korean Chicken-Centric BBQ Singapore

Are you a fan of Korean barbecue? Love chicken? Then you’ll want to check out Dakga, Singapore’s first and only chicken-centric Korean barbecue restaurant.

Located in the CBD on Duxton Road, Dakga offers a unique interpretation of dak galbi, capturing the simple and comforting element of Korean dining. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity; Dakga is committed to quality, flavour, and an authentic dining experience.

Dakga - Dakga Ramen
Dakga – Dakga Ramen

The star of the menu is the meticulously prepared neck meat, available in two varieties and limited quantities daily. The Boneless Neck Meat features lean stringy meat that takes on a delectable char over the open barbecue, while the Marinated Neck Meat is imbued with the aromatic flavour from a special spice rub for extra punch. The Bone in Thigh is a close favourite, with juicy thigh meat served with the bone in, while the Marinated Bone in Thigh dresses it with a signature house-blend seasoning.

Dakga - Marinated Bone in Thigh (400g)
Dakga – Marinated Bone in Thigh (400g)

But the chicken-centric menu doesn’t stop there. Every part of the chicken is transformed into smoky barbecued goodness, where you may order the choicest parts. Other offerings include Chicken Oyster, Gizzard, Tenderloin, and Heart.

Dakga - Kimchi Pancake
Dakga – Kimchi Pancake

Dakga offers a selection of sides that are carefully crafted to complement the flavour of chicken, such as the Cheese Fondue that can be dipped with nacho chips (we even dipped in the Curry Fried Chicken), the Kimchi Pancake which is a sour and spicy flat omelette pancake, and the Truffle Triple Eggs is a delightful twist on the classic sunny side up, featuring three perfectly cooked eggs topped with in-house sauce infused with the unmistakable aroma of truffle. To enhance the flavour, the dish is torched upon serving, resulting in a delicate charred taste that complements the velvety eggs and rich truffle sauce perfectly.

Dakga - Curry Fried Chicken
Dakga – Curry Fried Chicken

If you’re looking for some delicious rice dishes, Dakga has got you covered. One option is the Old School Lunch Box that serves up a portion of rice with Korean chicken spam, sunny side up, myeolchi-bokkeum (stir-fried anchovies) and kimchi. It’s a classic combination that will satisfy your taste buds. Another option is the Soy Sauce & Egg Rice, a simple yet satisfying dish of rice fragranced with a house-brew soy sauce and topped with an onsen egg. If you’re in the mood for spice, the Kimchi Fried Rice is made with smoky fried rice laced with tangy, flavourful kimchi while the Tuna Bibimbap features rice mixed with tuna, seaweed, corn, spring onion, and an egg.

Dakga - Old School Lunch Box
Dakga – Old School Lunch Box

Don’t forget to wash it all down with a medley of soft drinks, Soju, Korean beer, hard liquor and spirits ranging from whisky, vodka, gin, and brandy available by the peg or by the bottle, as well as white, red, and sparkling wine starting from $80. There’s also a range of energising drinks called Mate Mate with cute packaging on offer.

Dakga - Mate Mate Energizer Drink
Dakga – Mate Mate Energizer Drink

To celebrate the launch of Dakga, spend $50 or more on food orders and enjoy complimentary cheese fondue and nachos.

Come for the chicken-centric Korean barbecue, and stay for the delicious sides and drinks. Dakga is a must-visit for any fan of Korean cuisine in Singapore.

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Address: 17 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089483

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 6:00 pm – 11:55 pm

*** This was a hosted tasting. ***