CNY Gift Guide 2024

CNY Gift Guide 2024 Singapore

The Lunar New Year, a festival rich in tradition and joy, is the perfect time for showing love and gratitude through thoughtful gifts. Our CNY Gift Guide for 2024 presents a curated selection of items that not only embody the spirit of the festival but also cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. From the latest in timekeeping elegance to the ultimate in home comfort, we’ve got you covered.

CNY Gift Guide - King Koil’s Lunar New Year Sale

Timeless Elegance: Casio Watches

The Auspicious Dragon Design This year, Casio’s MTG-B3000CXD watch stands out with its auspicious dragon design, perfect for ringing in the Year of the Dragon. The watch is a blend of style and tradition, making it an ideal gift for those who appreciate both.

Exclusive Features of MTG-B3000CXD With its sleek design and innovative features, the MTG-B3000CXD offers both comfort and style. It’s a testament to Casio’s commitment to quality and is sure to be a cherished gift.

Purchasing Details Available for $1,599, this watch can be a significant but worthwhile investment for a special someone this Lunar New Year. Plus, it comes with exclusive Year of Dragon Red Packets, adding to the festive spirit.

Casio Singapore: Facebook | Instagram | Website

CNY Gift Guide - King Koil’s Lunar New Year Sale

Home Comfort: King Koil Bedding

Enhancing Sleep Quality For those who value comfort in their homes, King Koil’s bedding and furniture are ideal. Their Lunar New Year sale offers dreamy discounts, perfect for gifting high-quality, comfortable bedding.

Lunar New Year Discounts For a limited period only from now to end January 2024, enjoy storewide discounts of up to 20% + 10% OFF with a minimum spend of $1, plus free gifts with purchase at King Koil’s Lunar New Year Sale. 

Range of Products From premium mattresses to stylish furniture, King Koil offers a variety of products to suit different preferences and needs.


  • Alexandra Megastore  (Operating hours: 11am – 8pm) 12 Jalan Kilang Barat, S159354 (along Jalan Bukit Merah)
  • Marina Square (Operating hours: 10am – 8pm)6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-300 to 303, 346 to 348, S039594
  • Sungei Kadut (Operating hours: 11am – 8pm) 67 Sungei Kadut Drive, S729567
  • Bendemeer  (Operating hours: 11am – 8pm) 72 Bendemeer Road, Luzerne Building #01-06, S339941

King Koil Singapore: Facebook | Instagram | Website


Hydration Revolution: RUHENS QUINT

Importance of Water Quality Clean water is essential for health, and RUHENS QUINT water purifier ensures your loved ones always have access to pure, fresh water.

Features of RUHENS QUINT This advanced water purifier offers customizable features and energy efficiency, making it a practical and thoughtful gift.

How to Purchase Priced at $2,599, the RUHENS QUINT is available at RUHENS Showrooms @ 33 Ubi Ave 3, #01-32 Vertex, Singapore 408868.

RUHENS: Facebook | Instagram | Website

CNY Gift Guide - BBYEOL Solaris UVC Sterilizer

Home Hygiene: BBYEOL Steriliser

The Need for Sterilisation In the current era, maintaining hygiene is crucial. The BBYEOL Solaris UVC Steriliser is a practical gift, ensuring a safe environment for loved ones.

Technical Specifications With its advanced technology and energy-efficient design, this steriliser is a top choice for home hygiene.

Availability and Pricing Priced at $429, it’s available at select locations and online, making it a convenient option for gifting.

BBYEOL: Facebook | Instagram | Website

CNY Gift Guide - SHARP R-34SI Series Oven

Culinary Convenience: SHARP Oven

The Role of Microwaves in Modern Kitchens The SHARP microwave oven is an essential appliance for any modern kitchen, especially during festive seasons like the Lunar New Year.

Features of R-34SI Available in two stylish variants, this microwave offers convenience and elegance, suitable for any kitchen décor.

Models and Pricing Priced at $235 for the white model and $288 for the black, it’s a practical gift for those who love to cook or entertain.

SHARP: Facebook | Instagram | Website

CNY Gift Guide - Museum of Ice Cream’s Sprinkle Pool

Sweet Celebrations: Museum of Ice Cream

Unique Experience at MOIC The Museum of Ice Cream offers a fun and interactive experience, perfect for families and friends during the Lunar New Year.

Ticket Information With tickets starting from $36, it’s an affordable yet memorable gift option.

Ideal for Family Outings The museum’s unique installations and unlimited ice cream make it an ideal destination for creating festive memories.

Museum of Ice Cream: Facebook | Instagram | Website

CNY Gift Guide - Multiflora TCM Spa

Relaxation and Wellness: Multiflora Spa

Services at Multiflora Multiflora Spa offers a range of treatments that blend eastern and western techniques, perfect for unwinding during the festive season.

Benefits of Spa Treatments Spa sessions are a great way to relax and rejuvenate, making them an excellent gift for loved ones who deserve a break.

Booking Details Visit their website for more details on treatments and booking procedures.

Multiflora Spa: Facebook | Website

CNY Gift Guide - Marina Square Lunar New Year Festivities

Shopping Galore: Marina Square

Festive Shopping Experience Marina Square offers a festive shopping experience with a range of discounts and events, ideal for finding the perfect Lunar New Year gifts.

Exclusive Offers and Events With limited edition red packets and other rewards, shopping here becomes even more appealing.

  • Marina Square Rewards Members may redeem a set of Marina Square’s limited edition red packets1 upon spending *$80 at eligible F&B/retail outlets.
  • Marina Square Rewards Members may redeem a $10 Marina Square eVoucher2 by spending *$150 at eligible F&B/retail outlets.
  • Marina Square Rewards Members may redeem $3 in car park dollars3 by simply spending *$50 at eligible F&B/retail outlets.

Workshop Details Join their Dragon’s Beard Candy-making workshop for a unique experience.

Marina Square: Facebook | Instagram | Website

CNY Gift Guide - Audio House CNY Electronics Expo Sale

Electronics Haven: Audio House

Wide Range of Electronics From TVs to small appliances, Audio House’s CNY Electronics Expo 2024 offers a plethora of choices for tech enthusiasts.

Special CNY Discounts With discounts of up to 80% and additional GST absorption, it’s the perfect place for budget-friendly yet impressive gifts. Audio House will absorb 9% GST and offer 25% eCashback with every $1,000 spent! To avail the 9% GST discount, simply enter the code [JAN2024] at checkout. 

Location and Operating Hours Visit their showroom or website for more details on their offerings and operating hours.

Audio House: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Your CNY Gift Guide for 2024

From stylish watches to home comfort essentials, our CNY Gift Guide for 2024 covers a wide range of thoughtful and practical gifts. Whether you’re looking for something luxurious or practical, our guide is designed to help you find the perfect present for your loved ones this Lunar New Year.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes the Casio MTG-B3000CXD watch a good CNY gift? The Casio MTG-B3000CXD watch is an exemplary choice for a Chinese New Year (CNY) gift due to its unique blend of style and cultural significance. Featuring an auspicious dragon design, it resonates with the spirit of the Lunar New Year, particularly for the Year of the Dragon. Its sleek design, along with advanced features such as a reduced case thickness for comfort and seamless incorporation of the lugs and button guards, make it both a fashionable and practical accessory. Additionally, the watch comes with exclusive Year of Dragon Red Packets, adding a festive touch to this already special gift.
  2. Are there any special discounts at King Koil during the Lunar New Year? Yes, King Koil offers enticing discounts during the Lunar New Year period. For a limited time, customers can enjoy storewide discounts of up to 20% plus an additional 10% off with a minimum spend of $1. These discounts apply to a range of products, including premium mattresses, bedding, furniture, and home furnishings. This makes it an ideal time to purchase high-quality comfort items for your home or as gifts for loved ones, ensuring both style and comfort in their living spaces.
  3. How does the RUHENS QUINT water purifier enhance home health? The RUHENS QUINT water purifier is designed to significantly enhance home health by providing clean and fresh water. It is equipped with cutting-edge purification technology that ensures the removal of impurities and contaminants from drinking water. The customisable features and additional safety elements, such as the self-sterilisation nozzle, offer an added layer of protection. Furthermore, its eco-friendly low-energy consumption design makes it a sustainable choice for households. By ensuring access to pristine water, the RUHENS QUINT plays a crucial role in promoting the well-being and health of families, especially during the festive season of Lunar New Year.
  4. Is the BBYEOL Solaris UVC Steriliser easy to use? Absolutely, the BBYEOL Solaris UVC Steriliser is designed for ease of use. It features a user-friendly interface and smart technologies such as timers and motion sensors, making it convenient for everyday use. The sterilizer offers 360-degree coverage, ensuring all items placed inside are thoroughly sterilized, with no dead zones. Its smart storage mode maintains sterility for up to 72 hours, providing continuous protection. The device is also equipped with EternalGuard Technology, which enhances efficiency and prolongs the lifespan of the UVC lights. These features combine to make the Solaris UVC Sterilizer a practical and efficient tool for maintaining hygiene in the home.
  5. What are the unique features of the Museum of Ice Cream? The Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) in Singapore offers a one-of-a-kind experience that makes it an exceptional destination for Lunar New Year celebrations. Some of its unique features include 14 multi-sensory installations spread across 60,000 sqft, offering an immersive and interactive experience. Visitors can enjoy unlimited servings of velvety ice cream and participate in engaging activities, making it a delightful outing for families and friends. The museum also offers premium tickets with additional benefits like a selection of refreshing drinks. The whimsically designed spaces and photo-friendly exhibits create an environment that is not only fun but also perfect for capturing memorable moments during the festive season.

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