Where to Use Your CDC Vouchers

Where to use CDC Vouchers in Singapore

Singapore’s Community Development Council (CDC) Vouchers, a pivotal scheme launched in 2020, continues to play a crucial role in aiding Singaporean households with living costs while bolstering local businesses. The government has announced that each Singaporean household is entitled to claim S$500 in CDC Vouchers starting from 3 January 2024. This generous allocation is a notable increase from the previous year, demonstrating the government’s commitment to provide substantial support to households under the Budget 2022 and Budget 2023 initiatives.

In a further boost to local spending and support, it has been revealed that each Singaporean household will also be eligible to claim an additional S$300 in CDC Vouchers at the end of June 2024 and again in January 2025, amounting to a total of S$600 in CDC Vouchers. These vouchers are equally divided for expenditure at participating heartland merchants, hawkers, and supermarkets, ensuring widespread benefits across the community.

Eligibility for CDC Vouchers

Every Singaporean household is eligible for the CDC Vouchers Scheme 2024, with a stipulation that at least one member must be a Singaporean citizen. One household member must apply digitally via Singpass to claim these vouchers. Upon successful application, a link containing the vouchers is sent via SMS, which can be shared among household members. Each household is entitled to one set of vouchers, but they can share them with family members.

How to Use CDC Vouchers

The vouchers come in denominations of $2, $5, and $10 to facilitate small purchases. The primary method of using CDC vouchers involves accessing them via a mobile phone. Upon claiming the vouchers, each household receives an SMS with a unique link to their digital vouchers. These vouchers are then presented at the time of purchase by showing the QR code on the mobile phone. This method ensures a seamless and convenient transaction for the customer and the merchant.

It is important to note that printing of the vouchers is typically reserved for those who do not have access to a mobile phone. In such cases, individuals can visit their Community Centre or a CDC voucher site for assistance in printing the vouchers. However, this is an exception rather than the norm, as the scheme primarily aims to encourage digital usage for ease and efficiency.

For more detailed information on the CDC vouchers and their usage, please refer to the CDC’s official FAQ page at the CDC Vouchers FAQ.

Where to Use CDC Vouchers: Retail and Dining

Supermarkets like Giant have offered promotions for those spending CDC vouchers, like redeeming a bag of rice when spending a certain amount. Restaurants and eateries like Haidilao Clarke Quay have also run promotions, adding more value to your CDC vouchers.

For more specific shopping and dining options, CDC vouchers are accepted at a diverse range of local businesses, including:

  • Food and beverage businesses: Hawker and food court stalls, bakeries, wet market stalls.
  • Personal care: Hair salons, barber shops, optical shops.
  • Specialty shops: Pet shops, photo shops, electronic shops, florists.

In addition, numerous ice cream shops, Korean BBQs, and Thai mookata restaurants in various neighbourhoods like Upper Thomson, Ang Mo Kio, East Coast Park, and Bedok accept CDC vouchers.

Maximizing Voucher Benefits

To make the most out of your CDC vouchers, consider these strategies:

  1. Plan Your Purchases: Before spending, plan out what you need. This ensures that your vouchers are used for essential items, avoiding impulse purchases.
  2. Combine with Promotions: Look for ongoing promotions at supermarkets or local stores. For instance, some supermarkets might offer special deals for voucher users, like discounts on bulk purchases or complimentary items.
  3. Explore New Merchants: CDC vouchers provide an excellent opportunity to explore new local businesses. Trying out different heartland shops or dining at a new hawker centre can enrich your community experience.
  4. Support Local Businesses: Using your vouchers at small, local businesses helps them thrive. Purchasing from local vendors supports the community and often leads to the discovery of unique products and services.
  5. Budget Wisely: Allocate your vouchers to different spending categories like groceries, dining, and personal care to ensure a balanced use across needs and wants.
  6. Share with Family: Remember, vouchers can be shared within the household. This can be especially helpful for elderly family members who might not use digital platforms.

Impact on Local Economy

The CDC voucher scheme has a significant impact on Singapore’s local economy:

  1. Boosting Small Businesses: By directing spending towards local merchants and hawkers, the scheme provides a much-needed financial boost to these businesses. This particularly benefits small-scale vendors needing more marketing reach than larger chains.
  2. Stimulating Local Spending: The vouchers encourage residents to spend within their community, keeping the money circulating locally. This helps maintain the vibrancy and sustainability of local markets and shopping areas.
  3. Job Creation: Increased business for local merchants can lead to job creation, providing employment opportunities within the community. This, in turn, supports the overall economic health of the area.
  4. Encouraging Community Engagement: The scheme fosters community by encouraging residents to explore and invest in their local area. This strengthens community ties and promotes a sense of belonging.
  5. Economic Resilience: By supporting diverse local businesses, the scheme helps build a more resilient local economy that can better withstand economic fluctuations.

The CDC Voucher Scheme 2024 is a valuable initiative for Singaporean households, offering financial relief and promoting local spending. This scheme is not just about financial aid; it’s a community-building tool that fosters a sense of unity and support within Singapore’s neighbourhoods.

Businesses accepting CDC Vouchers

Here’s a list of some small businesses, food stores, and supermarkets in Singapore that are accepting CDC vouchers, along with their specialties and locations:

Ice Cream & Waffle Shops

  1. Ice Cream Chefs (Upper Thomson): Offers a variety of ice creams and waffles.
  2. FIC (Ang Mo Kio): Known for their fried ice cream and Vietnamese bites.
  3. Yocha Ice Cream (Upper Serangoon, Tampines): Serves unique ice cream flavours.
  4. Udders Ice Cream (Kovan, Upper Thomson): Popular for artisanal ice creams.
  5. Smitten Ice Cream Bar (Bedok): Features a range of ice cream selections.
  6. Denzy Ice Cream (Bedok): A local favourite for homemade ice creams.

Korean BBQ & Thai Mookata

  1. SSak3 Korean BBQ (Bras Basah): Offers Korean BBQ cuisine.
  2. Sixty BBQ Seafood & Satay (East Coast Park): Known for BBQ seafood and satay.
  3. Thai Hao Chi Mookata (Upper Thomson, Bedok): Specializes in Thai Mookata.
  4. Siam Square Mookata (Bukit Batok, Jurong West): Thai BBQ with various options.
  5. Jub Jub Mookata (Choa Chu Kang): Another Thai Mookata spot.
  6. Premium Thai Mookata (Tampines): Offers a premium Thai BBQ experience.

Lok Lok Stalls

  1. 39 Lok Lok Curry Rice (73A Ayer Rajah Crescent): Serves Lok Lok with a curry twist.
  2. 4896 Lok Lok (500 Clemenceau Avenue North): Variety of Lok Lok choices.
  3. 85 Lok Lok (85 Bedok North St 4): Known for their diverse Lok Lok selection.
  4. K Zai Lok Lok (Outram Road): Offers a mix of Lok Lok options.
  5. Affinity Lok Lok (335 Smith Street): A popular choice for Lok Lok lovers.
  6. Fei Zhu Lok Lok (267A Toh Guan Road): Serves a wide range of Lok Lok.
  7. Hey Lok Lok (Jurong West Ave 5): Features an assortment of Lok Lok.
  8. Lok Lok 1991’s by Daniel & Meng (340 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1): A well-known Lok Lok stall.
  9. Maxwell Lok Lok (1 Kadayanallur Street): Offers a traditional Lok Lok experience.


  1. Ang Mo Supermarket
  2. Giant Singapore
  3. HAO Mart
  4. NTUC FairPrice
  5. Prime Supermarket
  6. Sheng Siong
  7. U-Stars Supermarket
  8. Cold Storage

For a comprehensive list of all participating merchants and their locations, you can visit the CDC Go Where website and enter your postal code to find nearby participating businesses. This will provide you with the most updated and detailed information on where you can spend your CDC vouchers.


How do I claim my CDC Vouchers?
Claim them digitally via Singpass at go.gov.sg/cdcv.

Can I share my vouchers with family members?
Yes, once claimed, the voucher link can be shared among household members.

Are there restrictions on where I can use the vouchers?
Vouchers can be used at a wide range of participating local businesses.

Do the vouchers expire?
Yes, they are valid until 31 December 2024.

Can I use multiple vouchers in one transaction?
Yes, you can combine several vouchers for a single purchase.

What if I encounter issues with my Singpass?
Visit a Singpass counter at community centres/clubs across Singapore for assistance.