Tomoro Coffee Singapore: NUS Business School Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library

Revolutionising the Local Coffee Scene

Singapore’s vibrant coffee landscape welcomes a new player set to redefine how we enjoy our daily brew. Tomoro Coffee, making its grand debut in the heart of the city, brings a fresh perspective to the coffee culture, combining quality, affordability, and an expansive menu that caters to every taste.

A Fresh Brew on the Block

Located within the prestigious NUS Business School Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library, Tomoro Coffee is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a statement of quality and affordability. Under the visionary leadership of CEO Star Yuan, the brand commits to making specialty coffee accessible to all. Utilizing 100% Arabica beans, Tomoro Coffee promises a flavour sensation that won’t break the bank, highlighted by their signature Tomoro Aren Latte at SGD 5.90.

The Ultimate Coffee Destination

Tomoro Coffee’s mission extends beyond serving great coffee. It aims to democratize the specialty coffee experience, making it a go-to destination for both connoisseurs and casual drinkers. The Singapore store represents a commitment to world-class coffee experiences that remain within reach for everyone.

Tomoro Coffee Singapore Menu Offerings

Tomoro Coffee Singapore entices with a comprehensive and diverse menu that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. The menu is a testament to Tomoro Coffee’s commitment to quality, innovation, and affordability. Let’s delve into the details of what customers can expect.

Coffee Selections

The core of Tomoro Coffee’s menu is its coffee offerings, which are made exclusively from Arabic beans. The options include:

  • Tomoro Aren Latte: A signature blend, priced affordably, showcasing Arabica beans’ rich and smooth texture.
  • Caffe Latte and Cappuccino: Classic choices for those who appreciate the timeless flavours of coffee.
  • Caffe Mocha and Caramel Macchiato: For a sweeter, more indulgent coffee experience.
  • Breve Latte: A creamier, more luxurious option for latte lovers.

Coconut Series

A unique offering from Tomoro Coffee is the Coconut Series, which includes:

  • Tomoro Coconut Latte and Coconut Aren Latte: These blends combine the nutty flavour of coconut with the robustness of coffee.
  • Coconut Choco and Coconut Aren Frappe: Perfect for those looking for a tropical twist on their coffee or a refreshing cold beverage.

Non-Coffee Selections

Recognizing the diverse preferences of its customers, Tomoro Coffee also offers a range of non-coffee beverages:

  • Pink Pop Lemonade and Pink Pop Lemon Tea: Refreshing choices for hot Singaporean days.
  • Jasmine Green Tea, Earl Grey Tea, and Pure Chamomile: Tea lovers have a variety of options.
  • Chocolate and Matcha Latte: Rich and comforting, these drinks cater to those who prefer a non-coffee base.

Frappe Series

For a cold and indulgent treat, the Frappe Series includes:

  • Coffee Frappe, Chocolate Frappe, and Caffe Mocha Frappe: These are perfect for those looking to enjoy a cold, blended version of their favourite coffee flavours.
  • Aren Latte Frappe, Oat Aren Frappe, Matcha Frappe: Offers a refreshing twist to the classic flavours, catering to a broad palate.

Oatside Series

The Oatside Series is an innovative offering that includes:

  • Tomoro Oat Latte, Manuka Oat Latte, and Hojicha Oat Latte: These selections are perfect for those seeking dairy-free alternatives without compromising on taste.
  • Choco Oat Latte and Matcha Oat Latte: Blend the healthiness of oats with the beloved flavours of chocolate and matcha.

Americano Party Series

For the purists who prefer their coffee strong and unadulterated, the Americano Party Series offers:

  • Caffe Americano, Grapefruit Americano, Lemonade Americano, Jasmine Tea Americano: Each provides a unique twist on the classic Americano.

Food Menu

Not just about drinks, Tomoro Coffee also offers a selection of food items:

  • Choco Croissant, Butter Croissant, Cinnamon Roll: Sweet and savoury pastries perfect for a light snack.
  • Tuna Mayo Toast, Tuna Mayo Panini, Beef Sausage Bun: Hearty options for a more filling meal.
  • Breakfast Bun Sandwich, Smoked Chicken Sandwich, Cheesy Beef Panini: Satisfying choices for any time of the day.

Tomoro Coffee’s menu is designed to cater to all tastes, offering a wide variety of options that go beyond just coffee. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic coffee, a refreshing non-coffee drink, a creamy frappe, or a hearty meal, Tomoro Coffee has something for everyone.

Tomoro Coffee Singapore Menu

Tomoro Coffee Singapore Menu
Tomoro Coffee Menu

A Call to Coffee Lovers

Tomoro Coffee invites everyone to experience the difference firsthand with a series of exclusive events and promotions celebrating its Singapore debut. The brand’s expansion marks the beginning of an exciting journey that will make a lasting impact on the global coffee scene.

A New Chapter in Coffee Culture

Tomoro Coffee is not just a coffee shop; it’s a new chapter in Singapore’s coffee narrative. With a vision to make every good cup of coffee accessible and a mission to become a world-class coffee brand, Tomoro Coffee is poised to become a beloved staple in the local coffee community.

Embrace the Goodness of Tomorrow

As Tomoro Coffee opens its doors in Singapore, it invites coffee enthusiasts of all ages to join in the experience. Whether you’re looking for your new favourite coffee, a refreshing alternative, or a tasty snack, Tomoro Coffee has something special for you. Welcome to the future of coffee culture in Singapore, where quality meets affordability, and every sip is a step into tomorrow.

Tomoro Coffee Singapore

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