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Kelim Dakdoritang

Nestled in the heart of Singapore’s oldest public housing estate, Tiong Bahru, Kelim Dakdoritang introduces a fusion of rich Korean culinary traditions and the historical charm of its new locale. As the latest addition to the dining landscape of Tiong Bahru, this Korean spicy garlic chicken stew chain, established in 1965, promises an authentic taste of Korea with a twist of local heritage.

A Glimpse into Kelim Dakdoritang’s Unique Ambiance

Housed in the iconic Block 55, designed in the Streamline Moderne architectural style, Kelim Dakdoritang offers a dining experience that blends the nostalgia of Tiong Bahru with the modern, industrial décor reminiscent of its Korean origins. This 60-seater establishment invites diners to immerse themselves in a space where history meets contemporary dining.

Signature and Specialty Dishes

Kelim Dakdoritang is renowned for its Signature Korean Spicy Garlic Chicken Stew, a recipe perfected over generations, offering a distinctive taste experience that stands out from the typical Dakdoritang found in Korea. The stew, enriched with farm-fresh chicken and a secret blend of spices, perfectly balances flavour and nutrition. Diners can also customize their stew with various add-ons, making each meal unique.

Celebratory Opening Promotions

In honour of its grand opening in Tiong Bahru, Kelim Dakdoritang is excited to introduce two exclusive promotions for its patrons:

Korean Hot Pot
Dakdoritang — Korean Hot Pot

30% Off Regular-sized Dakdoritang

For the entire month of March 2024, guests can enjoy a 30% discount on the regular-sized Dakdoritang. This opening special is a gesture of appreciation and a warm invitation to experience the restaurant’s signature dish. To avail of this offer, guests simply need to follow Kelim Dakdoritang’s social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

The Baby Dakdoritang Set

A delightful addition to the menu, the Baby Dakdoritang, priced at $15.90, offers a smaller portion of the signature stew, ideal for solo diners or those looking for a quick and satisfying meal. This set comes complete with rice and a canned drink, embodying the restaurant’s dedication to providing a convenient yet flavorful dining option. The Baby Dakdoritang set is part of the restaurant’s wallet-friendly executive set lunch, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the taste of Korea, regardless of the occasion.

Expanded Menu for Diverse Palates

Kelim Dakdoritang goes beyond its famous chicken stew to offer an expanded menu that caters to a wide range of preferences. From Korean BBQ specialties like Samgyeopsal-gui and Galbi-gui to popular side dishes such as Haemul Pajeon and Japchae, the restaurant ensures a comprehensive Korean dining experience. The culinary team’s innovative approach reflects the diverse tastes of Tiong Bahru’s local and international community.

Kelim Dakdoritang in Tiong Bahru is more than just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of Korean culinary heritage, a commitment to authentic flavours, and a tribute to the rich history of its new home. Whether you’re in for lunch, dinner, or a late-night supper, Kelim Dakdoritang is ready to serve you an unforgettable Korean dining experience.

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55 Tiong Bahru Road #01-37 Singapore 160055
Reservations Hotline: 63223433

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