Mister Donut Singapore: Mochi-like Pon De Ring Doughnut Menu

Mister Donut Menu
Mister Donut Menu

In the heart of Singapore’s bustling culinary scene, Mister Donut stands as a beacon of Japanese heritage and doughnut artistry. With a story that stretches back over 50 years in Japan since its inception in 1971, Mister Donut is not just another doughnut shop; it’s a cultural institution. Boasting over 900 stores across Japan, this iconic chain has now firmly rooted itself in Singapore, promising the same high-quality doughnuts that have become synonymous with the Mister Donut name. Here’s an in-depth look at how Mister Donut blends tradition with innovation, creating a doughnut experience that’s truly unique.

What you should try at Mister Donut

When visiting Mister Donut in Singapore, you’re in for a treat with a diverse menu that caters to a wide range of tastes. Here’s a curated list of doughnut flavours that are a must-try for anyone stepping into the delightful world of this legendary doughnut chain:

  1. Pon De Ring: The iconic mochi-like texture of this doughnut is a signature of Mister Donut. Its chewy texture, paired with a subtle sweetness, makes it an unforgettable treat.
  2. Pon De Ring Strawberry: A fruity twist on the classic Pon De Ring, this flavour offers the perfect balance of sweetness and the tangy zest of strawberries.
  3. French Cruller: Known for its light, airy texture and delicate glaze, the French Cruller is a classic choice for those who prefer a less sweet but utterly satisfying doughnut.
  4. Custard Strawberry French: Combining the creamy richness of custard with the fresh sweetness of strawberries, this doughnut is a delightful fusion of flavours wrapped in a soft, fluffy exterior.
  5. Angel French: A Mister Donut specialty, the Angel French is light and airy, with a subtle sweetness that makes it a perfect companion to a cup of coffee or tea.
  6. Pon De Ring Chocolate: For chocolate lovers, this variation of the Pon De Ring features a decadent chocolate glaze, offering a rich and satisfying chocolatey experience.
  7. Strawberry Chocolate: This doughnut combines the sweetness of strawberries with the indulgence of chocolate, creating a perfect treat for those who love fruit and chocolate in equal measure.

Celebrating Over 50 Years of Doughnut Mastery

Mister Donut’s journey began in Japan in 1971, establishing itself as a beloved doughnut chain with over 900 stores countrywide. This legacy of quality and craftsmanship is the cornerstone of Mister Donut’s operations, including its specialty stores in Singapore. Here, each doughnut is a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence, made using premium ingredients sourced directly from Japan. Moreover, Mister Donut’s commitment to quality is ensured through the meticulous training of its staff at the Mister Donut Academy in Osaka, where the art of doughnut making is honed to perfection.

The Legend of Pon De Ring Doughnuts

At the heart of Mister Donut’s menu is the legendary Pon De Ring doughnut, a creation that has captivated the taste buds of doughnut lovers worldwide. Known for its unique mochi-like texture and irresistible sweetness, the Pon De Ring stands as a symbol of Mister Donut’s innovation in the doughnut world.

Mister Donut Singapore Menu

Mister Donut Menu
Mister Donut Menu

A Flavour for Every Palate: 20 Classic Flavours Made Fresh Daily

Mister Donut prides itself on its diverse menu, offering 20 classic flavours made fresh daily. From the fruity sweetness of Pon De Ring Strawberry to the light, fluffy texture of the French Cruller, there is a flavour to satisfy every palate. This commitment to variety and freshness ensures that every visit to Mister Donut is a new opportunity to explore the vast world of doughnuts.

The Singapore Story of Mister Donut

Singapore has embraced Mister Donut with open arms, welcoming its first outlet at Junction 8, followed by the latest addition at Velocity @ Novena Square. The success of these outlets is a testament to Mister Donut’s ability to cater to local tastes while maintaining its international standards of quality. Each store not only offers the classic menu that has made Mister Donut a household name but also introduces Singapore-exclusive flavours, adding a local twist to a global legacy.

Mister Donut’s expansion into Singapore is a celebration of over 50 years of doughnut craftsmanship and innovation. With a menu that offers something for everyone and a commitment to quality that is unmatched, Mister Donut is not just a place to grab a quick snack; it’s a destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the brand, a visit to Mister Donut is a journey into the heart of Japanese doughnut culture right here in Singapore.

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Mister Donut Outlets

Velocity @ Novena Square

Address: 238 Thomson Rd, #01-72/73 Singapore 307683

Operational Hours: Daily 11.00am – 9.00pm (may vary depending on sell-out timings)

Junction 8

Address: 9 Bishan Place, #02-27A, Junction 8, Singapore 579837

Operational Hours: Daily 11.00am – 8.30pm (may vary depending on sell-out timings)

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