Kunthaville: First Ceylonese Afternoon Tea in Singapore

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Singapore’s dining scene just got a little richer and more interesting with the introduction of the first Ceylonese Afternoon Tea at Kunthaville. This place isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a deep dive into the heritage and culture of Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka), brought to life in the heart of Little India. For those who crave a bit of history with their tea, Kunthaville promises an experience that’s both educational and palate-pleasing.

The Vibe

Kunthaville is tucked away in a conserved shophouse that speaks volumes of the colonial era, blending in perfectly with the historic vibes of Little India. The moment you step in, you’re greeted with a fusion of Ceylonese charm and a dash of modernity, making it a cozy spot for an afternoon retreat. The decor, featuring custom-made rattan and teak furniture, sets a scene of understated elegance that’s inviting and warm.

Kunthaville — Afternoon Tea Set

The Afternoon Tea Experience

Savouring the Taste of Ceylon

Celebrating International Women’s Day, Kunthaville launched its Ceylonese Afternoon Tea on 8 March 2024, offering a unique take on this 19th-century tradition. Priced at $78.80 for two, this tea experience is a nod to the rich tea culture of Ceylon, featuring an array of delicacies and the star attraction: Kunthaville Paris Rose tea.

What We Tried

Let’s chat more about the food and tea we had the pleasure of tasting at Kunthaville, which genuinely stands out as a unique offering in Singapore. Diving into the world of vegan cuisine paired with exquisite teas, our afternoon was a journey of flavours that surprised and delighted us at every turn.

The Savoury and the Sweet

The balance between savoury and sweet treats was just right. Everything being vegan was a pleasant surprise, showcasing how diverse and delicious plant-based eating can be. The croissant, made without butter, still managed to be light and flaky, proving that vegan alternatives can hold their own against traditional recipes. It was a revelation, particularly for anyone sceptical about vegan pastries.

The mini cupcakes, infused with Kunthaville’s signature teas, were an interesting twist on the usual cupcake experience. While I found them a tad dense for my taste, it was clear that this was a deliberate choice to highlight the infusion of the tea flavours. This denser, more moist texture allowed the subtle tea nuances to shine through, making each bite a unique taste test. My companions, on the other hand, welcomed the departure from the conventional cupcake base, enjoying the richness and depth of flavour.

However, the stars of the afternoon were undeniably the savoury offerings. The beetroot cutlets were a revelation—perfectly seasoned and cooked to offer a crispy exterior with a soft, flavourful interior. The jackfruit balls were another highlight, expertly mimicking the texture and taste of meatballs, proving once again that vegan cuisine can stand toe to toe with traditional dishes in terms of flavour and satisfaction. The vegan mutton rolls were equally impressive, packed with a blend of spices that warmed the palate and left a lingering taste that invited you back for more.

The Tea Tasting Adventure

Moving on to the teas, this was where Kunthaville truly shone. For tea enthusiasts, the Flavours of Kunthaville Tea Tasting Experience is a must-try. Starting from 24 March 2024, this experience allows you to sip on six tea varieties over an hour, guided by the founder herself, for $25 per person. It’s a great way to discover your personal favourite and learn more about the benefits of each blend.

My personal favourite, the Paris Rose, was a delicate blend of golden tips white tea, edible red rose petals, blue cornflowers, and a hint of real strawberry essence. Not only was it a delight for the senses, but the antioxidant-rich rose petals added a healthful boost.

Close on its heels was the Midnight Vanilla, a luxurious mix of pure vanilla, golden tips, and black tea pekoe, enhanced by cornflowers and marigold petals. It had a depth and complexity that was thoroughly enjoyable.

Each of us found our own favourite among the selections, proving that tea is a personal experience best explored in the welcoming setting of Kunthaville. Their beautifully designed tea boxes, available for purchase, caught our eyes as perfect gifts or elegant additions to any home.

The Space

Kunthaville isn’t just about the food and tea; it’s about the atmosphere. The two-storey shophouse offers a glimpse into the colonial past while celebrating Ceylonese culture through its decor and ambience. The first floor houses the dining area and a cocktail lounge, where you can enjoy signature cocktails alongside your tea. The second floor is home to W Social, a wellness studio offering yoga and meditation, emphasizing the holistic experience Kunthaville aims to provide.

Our Takeaway

Kunthaville’s Ceylonese Afternoon Tea is more than just a meal; it’s an exploration of culture, history, and taste. The blend of authentic Ceylonese cuisine, exquisite teas, and the cozy, historic setting makes for a memorable afternoon. It’s a testament to the founder’s vision of sharing the treasures of Sri Lanka with the world, and it does so with flair and authenticity.

Address: 18 Veerasamy Road, Singapore 207326

Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm

Kunthaville: Facebook | Instagram | Website

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