Beauty In The Pot: Celebrate Mother’s Day

Beauty In The Pot: Mother's Day—Mom's Nourishing Set

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a delicious meal. This year, why not treat your mom to a special Mother’s Day feast at Beauty In The Pot? In this article, we’ll look at what makes Beauty In The Pot’s Mother’s Day menu so special and why you should consider making a reservation.

A Culinary Journey of Nourishment and Health

At Beauty In The Pot, the focus is on nourishing and healthy food. The restaurant’s Mother’s Day menu features a range of dishes that are delicious and good for you. For example, the Warming Yellow Wine Kampong Chicken Broth is full of collagen, which is excellent for the skin. The broth is also infused with yellow wine, which helps to warm the body and improve blood circulation.

Another standout dish is the Dang Gui Ebiko Prawn Paste, made with the healthful dang gui herb. The prawn paste has a bouncy texture and bursts of flavour thanks to the ebiko, making it an addictive dish. The Mother’s Day specials are available till 31 May 2023.*

A Taste of Home

Beauty In The Pot’s Mother’s Day menu perfectly tributes to mom’s cooking. The dishes are specially curated by the respective chefs, ensuring a comforting and familiar taste. Not only are the dishes tasty, but they’re also nourishing and healthy, making it the perfect way to celebrate the occasion.

Paradise Group Mother's Day - Beauty In A Pot (image supplied)
Paradise Group Mother’s Day – Beauty In A Pot (image supplied)

Celebrate with Beauty In The Pot

Treat your mom to a special Mother’s Day meal at Beauty In The Pot! Their Mom’s Nourishing Set is a perfect choice, featuring twin pots of the Warming Yellow Wine Kampong Chicken Broth and signature Beauty Collagen Broth, as well as Dang Gui Ebiko Prawn Paste, Wild Mushroom Platter, and Sliced Giant Grouper Fish. For only $98 (U.P. $128), this set is a great way to celebrate with your mom and enjoy nourishing and healthy cuisine inspired by mom’s cooking. Make a reservation today and give your mom a memorable dining experience this Mother’s Day!

Beauty In The Pot: Mother's Day—Sliced Giant Grouper Fish and Dang Gui Ebiko Prawn Paste
Beauty In The Pot: Mother’s Day—Sliced Giant Grouper Fish and Dang Gui Ebiko Prawn Paste


We tried the dishes on Beauty In The Pot‘s Mother’s Day menu, and I was thoroughly satisfied. Firstly, the Warming Yellow Wine Kampong Chicken Broth stood out as I enjoy the taste of herbal and ginger bases. The broth developed even more flavour as we added more ingredients during our meal. The Dang Gui Ebiko Prawn Paste was also a favourite of mine, with its bouncy texture and addictive taste. It went well with both the Warming Yellow Wine Kampong Chicken Broth and the original Collagen Beauty Broth by Beauty In The Pot. Visit with friends or family so that you can order a more extensive selection to enjoy the assortment of ingredients available. 

Other Mother’s Day Promotions

If you’re looking for other dining options for Mother’s Day, the Paradise Group of Restaurants has a variety of dining concepts that serve up a wide variety of Chinese-style dishes. Participating restaurants include Taste Paradise, Seafood Paradise, Paradise Teochew, Canton Paradise, Paradise Dynasty, Paradise Classic and Paradise Hotpot.

About Paradise Group

Paradise Group Holdings Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based restaurant group incorporated in 2008. Since its first Seafood Paradise outlet in 2002, Paradise Group has built a food and beverage empire of 13 brands in Singapore and Asia. The brands include Taste Paradise, Paradise Teochew, Seafood Paradise, Beauty in The Pot, Paradise Dynasty, Canton Paradise, ParaThai, Paradise Classic, Paradise Hotpot, LeNu, LeTen, Le Shrimp Ramen and Paradise Group Catering. The group runs nearly 50 restaurants in Singapore and over 50 restaurants overseas in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, China (Hong Kong), Chinese Taipei, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and the USA.

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