BHC Chicken Singapore: Better, Happier, Chicken

BHC Chicken Singapore—Bburinkle
BHC Chicken Singapore—Bburinkle

Fried chicken lovers in Singapore have a new reason to rejoice: BHC Chicken has arrived! South Korea’s largest fried chicken chain has opened its fourth overseas outpost at Marina Square Singapore, offering a condensed version of its menu with all the signatures that make it the preferred choice in South Korea. Here’s everything you need to know about this Korean fried chicken sensation.

About BHC Singapore

BHC Chicken, which stands for Better & Happier Choice, is the Number 1 fried chicken chain in South Korea by volume of sales and the number of outlets. BHC Chicken is also the undisputed Number 1 regarding the variety of fried chicken flavours. As part of its strategic expansion into Southeast Asia, the Singapore branch will mark the brand’s fourth overseas restaurant, with one outlet each in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles.

The Menu

BHC Chicken Singapore offers tantalising Korean goodness in the form of crispy, crunchy fried chicken. The crowd favourite is the Bburinkle, crispy fried chicken coated with cheese and vegetable-flavoured seasoning and comes with a Bburing Bburing dip. The spicy alternative Hot Bburinkle brings a fiery punch to the signature crunch. The Retro is a classic favourite of chicken fried the traditional way with sunflower oil, perfect for lovers of the original taste of fried chicken without the frills. Spice things up with the Hot Retro for the perfect combination of crunch and spice.

The Macho King is savouriness personified with a satisfying combination of fried chicken coated with flavourful aged soy sauce and a honey-based oriental sauce. For those who dare, the Red King brings on the heat with spicy chicken generously coated with hot chilli peppers and garlic on top. There’s also the Classic Gold King of crispy chicken drizzled with a golden ratio of flavourful Korean soy sauce and sweet honey and garlic, as well as the Chi-Pongdang that brings the magic of shrimp and garlic flakes to the crispy charm of chicken.

While the chicken menu is BHC’s speciality, they also offer a comprehensive snack menu that completes your fried chicken meal. Cheese Balls (Original/Bburing), gooey molten cheese spheres fried to crunchy golden bites, and Sotteok (Red King/Bburing), Korean sausage skewered with rice cake for savoury bites that interval between meaty and chewy, are sure to entice diners.

BHC Chicken Review

We tried the BburinkleMacho King, and Hot Retro fried chicken, and while the sides were delicious, I was a bit disappointed with the taste of the chicken. The coating on the chicken was crispy, but it lacked the depth of flavour that I was hoping for. The Macho King is good if you like sweeter flavours, and the Bburinkle is for those who want something a little different, as the coating is savoury but slightly sour. The mains were more enjoyable to me than the chicken. Kimchi Fried Rice can’t go wrong; something simple to fill the belly. And if you’re hungry, go for the Spicy Rabokki, a dish carb-on-carb with noodles, tteokbokki, and fishcakes.

For the sides, I highly recommend the Bburing Cheese Sticks for the stringy, melted cheese centre. The Cheese Sticks are slightly easier to eat than the Cheese Balls, which are also filled with melted cheese, but if you want a cheese explosion, go with the Cheese Balls. I liked the outer wrap of the Bburing Corndog, a mochi-like pastry. The hotdog itself is, well, just a mini frankfurter. My favourite item we tried has got to be the Red King Sotteok which are skewered Garaetteok and mini sausages covered with a hot sauce. I could go without the sausages, as Tteokbokki is one of my favourite dishes, and this is similar to the red sauce. However, it would be nice if there was more spiciness. Even though some items are labelled as “hot” (spicy), I would rate it pretty mild compared to normal Singapore levels of spiciness.

If you’re thinking of trying BHC Chicken Singapore, be prepared to queue. The Marina Square outlet was crowded when I visited.

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BHC Chicken Menu

BHC Chicken Menu Singapore—May 2023
BHC Chicken Menu Singapore—May 2023
BHC Chicken Menu Singapore—May 2023
BHC Chicken Menu Singapore—May 2023

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