Mister Donut: A New Chapter 

Mister Donut Menu
Mister Donut Menu

Ready for some doughnut news that’s worth the buzz? Starting on 6th July 2023, your beloved Mister Donut will upgrade Singapore’s doughnut scene. We’re talking about a new cafe with comfy seating and your favourite brews on demand.

The Singapore Story of Mister Donut

After the grand debut at Junction 8, the brand is now setting foot in Velocity @ Novena Square, marking its second outlet in Singapore. The success story of the first outlet, where the tasty doughnuts sold out every day by the evening, has set the stage for this new endeavour.

Beyond Doughnuts

Mister Donut isn’t stopping at just being a doughnut stand. This new outlet will charm you with a cafe ambience where you can pair your doughnuts with freshly brewed coffee or tea any day.

Mark Your Calendars – Grand Opening on 6th July 2023

Something special’s in store for fans on the grand opening day – an exciting Lucky Draw! Be there to grab your chance to win some fantastic prizes, including limited edition Mister Donut Mugs!

Mister Donut Menu
Mister Donut Menu

Keeping Traditions Alive

The new outlet stays true to the Mister Donut legacy. It continues to serve the signature “Pon De Ring” glazed mochi doughnuts, the iconic treat from 2003. The menu also offers an array of flavours – from Angel French to Custard Strawberry French – enough to make a doughnut lover swoon.

Exclusively for Singapore – Mister Donut Special Flavours

This new venture will introduce Singapore-exclusive flavours like Pon De Ring Chocolate and Strawberry Chocolate. These doughnuts are priced between $2.30 – $2.50 and are available in bundles.

Behind the Brand

Originating in Japan in 1971, Mister Donut has become a beloved name in the world of doughnuts. Over the years, it has introduced diverse flavours, promising high-quality doughnuts made from ingredients sourced from Japan. The Singapore outlets also promise to live up to this standard, making the business a must-visit for any doughnut lover in the city.

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Mister Donut Outlets

Velocity @ Novena Square

Address: 238 Thomson Rd, #01-72/73 Singapore 307683

Operational Hours: Daily 11.00am – 9.00pm (may vary depending on sell-out timings)

Junction 8

Address: 9 Bishan Place, #02-27A, Junction 8, Singapore 579837

Operational Hours: Daily 11.00am – 8.30pm (may vary depending on sell-out timings)