Wild We Save: A Green Initiative for a Sustainable Future

Wild We Save—Cesar Milan (left) and Snr Mos Tan Kiat How (right) (image supplied)
Wild We Save—Cesar Milan (left) and Snr Mos Tan Kiat How (right) (image supplied)

The ‘Wild We Save‘ programme recently launched in Singapore aims to create a greener and more sustainable environment for future generations. This initiative, led by Target15 and supported by local celebrities, community members, and even renowned dog behaviourist Cesar Milan, seeks to plant trees and promote coexistence with native wildlife. With climate change becoming an increasingly urgent issue, the ‘Wild We Save’ programme is a timely reminder of the importance of collective action. Lets explore the objectives of this programme, why you should care, and how you can participate in this eco-friendly movement.

A Green Initiative for Singapore’s Wildlife

The ‘Wild We Save‘ programme is focused on planting trees to create mini-forests where wildlife can thrive, and people can connect with nature. The initiative kicked off at Kent Ridge Secondary School, where 154 trees were planted in the school’s inner courtyard. These trees include 36 species, some on the NParks’ near-extinct or critically endangered list. Target15 aims to promote coexistence with Singapore’s wildlife through tolerance and compassion through this initiative.

Why You Should Care About Wild We Save

Climate change is a global concern, and Singapore is no exception. By 2045, temperatures in Singapore could hit 40°C due to global warming compounded by the built-up urban environment releasing trapped heat from buildings, roads, and vehicles. The programme addresses this issue by planting trees to improve the country’s carbon footprint and provide shelter for wild and domestic animals.

How You Can Participate in Wild We Save

You can support the ‘Wild We Save’ initiative by purchasing a tree for only $188. Proceeds are distributed to various groups, including five charities and animal shelters. To sponsor a tree, visit https://www.target15.sg/contribution.

Target15 and Wild We Save: Committed to a Sustainable Future

Target15 Singapore was established in response to the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goal 15 – ‘Life on Land.’ The organization focuses on protecting land-based ecosystems, managing forest sustainability, and maintaining and restoring natural ecosystems to halt biodiversity loss. Through initiatives like the ‘Wild We Save’ programme, Target15 is dedicated to creating a more sustainable future for all.

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