Target15—Wild We Save Media Launch

Target15 Singapore, a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental protection and sustainability programs, is launching its “Wild We Save” program on April 16, 2023, at Kent Ridge Secondary School. The initiative addresses environmental issues such as tree planting, conservation, sustainability, net zero, wildlife diversity, and habitat.

Wild We Save Program

By 2045, Singapore’s temperature could hit 40°C due to global warming and the built-up urban environment releasing trapped heat. Alongside increased heat, weather and environmental changes will impact humans and wild and domestic animals. Target15 Singapore’s “Wild We Save” program is planting trees to improve the country’s carbon footprint and offer mini-forests for our furred and feathered friends.

“Keeping the environment healthy is not just about animals and plants, but also about human health and quality of life,” says Edward Kent, the founder of Wild We Save and Target15.

The Wild We Save Media Launch

The “Wild We Save” launch event will feature Hope for Animals, SOSD Singapore, and ACRES, joined by students and teachers from Kent Ridge Secondary School and some friendly canines. The program will run for six months, and several Singapore animal shelters are beneficiaries of the “Wild We Save” campaign. The event will be attended by world-renowned dog behaviourist and environmental activist Cesar Millan, a strong supporter of animal causes and the environment. He will help launch the initiative that benefits several charities and animal causes.

Target15 Singapore

Target15 Singapore was established as part of the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goal 15 – ‘Life on Land’ – which focuses on protecting land-based ecosystems, managing forest sustainability, and maintaining and restoring natural ecosystems to halt biodiversity loss. The organization runs the Conserve Towards Net Zero program with various local schools. It has established seven mini-forests with over 10,000 trees at St Andrews Mission School, Crescent Girls Secondary School, Saint Patrick’s School, St Stephen’s School, and Kent Ridge Secondary School.

Last year, Target15 helped St Stephen’s School win the Singapore Environment Council’s School Green Award for its plan to plant, cultivate and nurture 600 seedlings every month for six months and to share the plants with town councils, hospitals, and nursing homes. Target15 partnered with the school to donate $30 for every tree planted to help support Children’s Wishing Well, Yellow Ribbon, Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund, Limitless, and Pertapis.

The goal of ‘Life on Land’ is to support three critical aspects of sustainability—Planet, People, and Preservation—to ‘Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.’

Join Target15 at the Wild We Save program launch to plant trees and grow a greener world – where nature and wildlife coexist harmoniously. Target15 is committed to environmental protection and sustainability programs for youth and the community to support the underprivileged and under-served.

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