Casio G-SHOCK RANGEMAN GPR-H1000 for Every Adventure


The G-SHOCK RANGEMAN, a timepiece synonymous with strength and technological sophistication. In this deep dive, we’ll explore the multifaceted aspects of the RANGEMAN GPR-H1000. This watch redefines the concept of outdoor durability. Whether you are an extreme sports enthusiast or an adventure seeker, this watch is your ultimate companion in the wildest terrains.

Rugged Design: Built for Extremes

Shock Resistance and Durability

Casio’s G-SHOCK RANGEMAN embodies resilience like no other. Renowned for its shock resistance, it’s engineered to survive the severe impacts and harsh conditions that adventurers often face. Utilising high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, this watch is not just an accessory; it’s a survival gear in its own right.

Mud Resist Buttons and Metal Guards

Beyond its tough exterior, the RANGEMAN features mud-resistant buttons, each safeguarded with a stainless-steel cover and gasket. These meticulously designed elements ensure the watch remains functional in the muddiest and dustiest environments. The metal side guards further reinforce its durability, protecting the watch from rough encounters.

Innovative Band Design

The RANGEMAN’s band is designed for both functionality and comfort. Its textured surface provides a firm grip in wet conditions, and the wild cat emblem, intricately carved inside the band, is a nod to the adventurous spirit of its wearers.

Advanced Functionality

Six Essential Sensors

The RANGEMAN GPR-H1000 has impressive sensors, including a heart rate monitor and GPS. These features offer real-time data, crucial for outdoor activities, elevating the watch from a time-telling device to an indispensable tool for survival and performance.

Tailored Activity Measurements

The watch’s functionality extends to measuring activities like trekking, swimming, and biking. It’s not just tracking your movements; it’s enhancing your outdoor experience by providing critical data to help you push beyond your limits.

Connectivity at Its Best

Bluetooth Linking and Smartphone Integration

In today’s connected world, the RANGEMAN leaps forward with its Bluetooth capabilities. Syncing seamlessly with your smartphone, it becomes a hub for tracking activities, monitoring sleep patterns, and receiving notifications – a true companion for the tech-savvy adventurer.

Mastering the Elements

Water Resistance and Environmental Adaptability

The RANGEMAN’s 200-meter water resistance highlights its versatility. It’s built to thrive in terrestrial and aquatic environments, making it the ideal watch for any expedition.

The G-SHOCK Rangeman Legacy

The legacy of the G-SHOCK Rangeman is rooted in a relentless pursuit of durability and functionality, a philosophy that has been the cornerstone of the G-SHOCK brand since its inception. When Casio first introduced the G-SHOCK series in 1983, it revolutionized the concept of the wristwatch, creating a product that defied the traditional fragility of timepieces with its unprecedented shock-resistant design.

Evolution of a Tough Timepiece

Over the years, the G-SHOCK series has evolved, with each iteration adding more features, enhancing its toughness, and meeting the increasing demands of its adventurous users. The Rangeman line, in particular, emerged as a response to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and professionals who require more than just timekeeping from their watches.

Design Philosophy

The design philosophy behind the Rangeman series is simple yet profound: create a watch that can survive the toughest conditions on earth. This philosophy is realised through the series’ signature features: shock resistance, water resistance, mud resistance, and a suite of sensors to measure everything from altitude to barometric pressure.

The Advent of the GPR-H1000

The latest model, the GPR-H1000, is a culmination of years of innovation. It represents a leap forward in integrating GPS technology, making it a trailblazer in the field of wearable technology for outdoor applications. With this addition, the Rangeman has transformed from a mere timepiece to a comprehensive navigation tool.

Embracing Technology

While staying true to its roots of toughness and durability, the Rangeman has also embraced the age of smart technology. The integration of Bluetooth and the ability to sync with smartphones have made it a modern companion for the tech-savvy adventurer. This blend of traditional resilience with contemporary technology is a testament to the Rangeman’s adaptability and foresight.

A Cultural Icon

Beyond its technical achievements, the Rangeman has also become a cultural icon. It’s recognised not just as a tool for adventurers but as a symbol of resilience and reliability. It appeals to a broad spectrum of users, from outdoor enthusiasts to military personnel, and has gained a loyal following worldwide.

Detailed Specifications

Technical Specifications of GPR-H1000

The Casio G-SHOCK RANGEMAN GPR-H1000 is a marvel of modern watchmaking, integrating state-of-the-art technology with the ruggedness expected of the G-SHOCK series. Let’s delve into the technical specifics that make this timepiece stand out.


  • Shock Resistance: At its core, the RANGEMAN is designed to withstand mechanical shocks and vibrations. It’s encased in a durable structure that can survive drops, knocks, and other impacts typical in outdoor environments.
  • Mud Resistance: Each button is protected by a stainless-steel cover and gasket, preventing mud, dust, and fine particles from infiltrating the watch’s interior.
  • Water Resistance: Rated at 200 meters, the GPR-H1000 is not just splash-proof but also suitable for diving and other water activities.

Sensors and Measurements

  • GPS Functionality: Features manual GPS signal reception for navigation and tracking, crucial for outdoor adventures.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: An integrated sensor measures the wearer’s heart rate, making it a valuable tool for health and fitness tracking.
  • Barometer: Keeps track of atmospheric pressure, an essential feature for predicting weather changes.
  • Altimeter: Measures altitude, a vital tool for mountaineering and hiking.
  • Temperature Sensor: Monitors environmental temperature, adding another layer of environmental awareness.
  • Digital Compass: Offers directional navigation, indispensable for trekking and wilderness exploration.


  • Bluetooth Low Energy: Provides wireless connectivity to smartphones, allowing for data syncing, activity tracking, and receiving notifications.
  • Mobile Link Features: Includes various functions like training analysis, activity history, life log data, notification function, auto time adjustment, and phone finder.

Power Source

  • Solar Powered: Equipped with a solar charging system, ensuring long-term usability without the need for frequent battery replacements.
  • Battery Life: Varies based on usage; GPS modes offer between 14 to 19 hours of continuous use. In watch mode with heart rate function, it can last approximately two months, and up to 23 months with power-saving features.

Display and User Interface

  • LED Backlight: Ensures visibility in low-light conditions, vital for nighttime activities.
  • Full Auto-Calendar: Keeps track of dates, adding convenience to daily use.
  • Vibration Function: Alerts for notifications and alarms, useful in noisy or outdoor environments where audio cues might be missed.

Additional Features

  • World Time: Includes world time function with a selection of 38 time zones, ideal for travellers.
  • Stopwatch and Timer: Essential tools for timekeeping during sports and fitness activities.
  • Alarms: Features multiple alarms, including snooze functions.

Physical Dimensions

  • Size of Case: 60.6 × 53.2 × 20.3 mm, a sizeable profile that balances visibility and comfort.
  • Total Weight: Approximately 92 grams, robust yet comfortable for extended wear.

The GPR-H1000 is not just a timekeeping device; it’s a comprehensive tool designed for the modern adventurer. Its robust construction, advanced sensor array, and connectivity features make it stand out in the world of tactical and outdoor watches. Whether you’re navigating the wilderness, tracking your fitness, or simply going about your day, the GPR-H1000 offers a combination of durability, functionality, and innovation that’s hard to match.

The Master of G RANGEMAN Series will be priced at $649 which will be available for purchase at G-SHOCK retailers and online from 19 January 2024. Sign up for CASIO ID to purchase online.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Casio’s G-SHOCK RANGEMAN

What year did G-Shock Rangeman come out?

The G-SHOCK RANGEMAN series has been a part of Casio’s robust lineup for several years. However, the specific model we’re discussing, the RANGEMAN GPR-H1000, was announced recently and is set to hit the shelves on January 19, 2024. It’s the latest evolution in the RANGEMAN series, known for its exceptional durability and advanced features.

Does the RANGEMAN have GPS?

Absolutely! The RANGEMAN GPR-H1000 is equipped with GPS functionality. This feature is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts, as it offers accurate location tracking, essential for activities like trekking, trail running, and even open water swimming. The GPS capability and other sensors make the RANGEMAN a comprehensive tool for adventure and fitness tracking.

What is the purpose of G-Shock Rangeman?

The primary purpose of the G-SHOCK RANGEMAN is to offer a durable, reliable, and feature-rich timepiece for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. It’s designed to withstand extreme conditions, whether shocks, mud, water, or dust. Additionally, with its array of sensors and GPS functionality, the RANGEMAN is a valuable tool for fitness tracking and navigation in challenging environments.

How water-resistant is the G-SHOCK RANGEMAN?

The G-SHOCK RANGEMAN boasts an impressive water resistance of up to 200 meters. This makes it suitable for surface water activities like swimming and snorkelling and ensures its resilience in rainy or muddy conditions. It’s a watch built to survive and thrive in any wet environment you might find yourself in.

Can the RANGEMAN sync with my smartphone?

Yes, it can! The RANGEMAN GPR-H1000 features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to sync with your smartphone. This integration provides numerous benefits, such as tracking your activities, monitoring your sleep patterns, and receiving notifications right on your wrist. It’s a perfect blend of traditional timekeeping and modern smartwatch capabilities.

What makes the G-SHOCK RANGEMAN different from other G-SHOCK watches?

The RANGEMAN series stands out in the G-SHOCK family due to its focus on outdoor functionality. It maintains the brand’s hallmark of durability and shock resistance. It incorporates advanced features like GPS, heart rate monitoring, and environmental sensors. These additions make the RANGEMAN particularly suited for outdoor adventures and fitness enthusiasts.

Is the G-SHOCK RANGEMAN suitable for professional use?

Indeed, it is. The G-SHOCK RANGEMAN can meet the demands of professionals who work in challenging environments, such as military personnel, rescue workers, and outdoor guides. Its robust build, advanced tracking, and navigational features make it a reliable tool for professional use.

How do I maintain my G-SHOCK RANGEMAN?

Maintaining your G-SHOCK RANGEMAN is straightforward. Regular cleaning with a soft, damp cloth is recommended to remove dirt and sweat. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures and chemicals. For the technical aspects, like firmware updates or battery checks, refer to the user manual or consult an authorised Casio service centre.

What activities is the RANGEMAN best suited for?

The RANGEMAN is incredibly versatile, making it suitable for various activities. It’s ideal for outdoor sports like hiking, mountain biking, and trail running. Its water resistance also makes it great for water sports. Additionally, its fitness tracking features are suitable for gym workouts and everyday fitness monitoring.

How long does the battery last on the RANGEMAN?

The battery life of the RANGEMAN GPR-H1000 varies depending on usage, especially the GPS function. In watch mode with heart rate measures function, it can last approximately two months, with power-saving features activated for up to 23 months. For continuous GPS use, the battery life ranges from 14 to 19 hours, depending on the settings.

These FAQs highlight the most common queries about the G-SHOCK RANGEMAN, showcasing its versatility and suitability for various users and activities. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or someone who appreciates a robust, feature-rich watch, the RANGEMAN is designed to exceed expectations.

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