Ariston New Innovative Water Heaters

Ariston—Constant Temperature (image supplied)
Ariston—Constant Temperature (image supplied)

Ariston, a leading brand in the thermal comfort market, has recently launched a new range of electric instant water heaters designed to cater to the needs of Singaporean homes. With cutting-edge technology, Italian design, and energy-saving features, these water heaters provide an exceptional bathing experience. 

The Sleek and Slim Ariston AURES Range

Award-Winning Design and Energy Efficiency

Ariston’s AURES range has earned the prestigious Good Design Award for its luxurious design, outstanding features, and ease of installation and operation. The range is also the first to be officially certified by PSB Singapore as energy-saving, potentially saving up to 25% of energy.

Constant Temperature Technology

Ariston introduced electric instant water heaters with Constant Temperature (CT) technology in 2016, the first in Singapore. The CT technology uses sensors and advanced software to measure the temperature and flow of inlet water, adjusting the heating power to maintain a constant hot water temperature, ensuring optimal comfort for the user.

Enhanced Safety Features

The Ariston AURES range now has an Earth-leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) for added safety. The built-in double pole ELCB detects dangerous electric leakages and interrupts the electrical circuit, reducing the risk of electric shock. Additionally, the Safety Check feature scans components to ensure correct and safe operation, with a blue lamp indicating proper function and a blinking light signalling a detected issue.

Ariston AURES TOP: Personalized Temperature Preferences

The AURES TOP model allows users to memorize their preferred temperature settings for up to three different profiles. This feature is handy for families with children and elderly members, as it enables a convenient and personalized shower experience with just a simple touch.

Anti-Scald Technology

To further enhance user safety, the AURES range features a temperature lock function interrupts the heating cycle when the preset temperature is reached. The patented tank design also prevents residual heat when changing operation modes, reducing the risk of scalding.

Ariston AURES Premium+ Pump and Rainshower: A Quiet and Powerful Experience

The new AURES Premium+ model has a silent pump and rainshower, providing a strong water jet for an optimal shower experience. It is the quietest in its class, with noise levels as low as 42.7 dB(A).

Ariston’s WI-FI Electric Storage Water Heaters with Voice Control

Ariston has also launched a new range of WI-FI electric storage water heaters compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Users can easily control their water heaters through voice commands, adjusting the temperature, turning the heater on or off, and receiving information about the current temperature.

Ariston NET: Smart App for Energy Saving and Convenience

The Ariston NET app allows users to easily manage their thermal comfort solutions and achieve up to 25% energy savings. The app is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, offering voice control functions and seamless integration with smart home platforms. Download the Ariston NET app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Ariston’s Commitment to Sustainability

Ariston is committed to developing sustainable solutions that combine comfort and energy efficiency. The company’s products are designed with a focus on renewable energy, advanced performance, and environmental responsibility. As part of its commitment to sustainability, Ariston continually innovates and improves its products to reduce their environmental impact while still providing the utmost comfort to consumers. The brand’s dedication to eco-friendly practices is evident in its wide range of energy-saving products and ongoing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Ariston’s new range of electric instant water heaters and WI-FI electric storage water heaters are perfect examples of the company’s commitment to creating sustainable and efficient products that cater to the needs of modern homeowners. By investing in Ariston water heaters, consumers can enjoy the benefits of energy savings, enhanced safety features, personalized temperature settings, and seamless integration with smart home platforms.


Ariston, a global leader in thermal comfort solutions, has introduced a range of innovative and stylish electric instant water heaters and WI-FI electric storage water heaters specifically designed to cater to the needs of Singaporean homes. Combining cutting-edge technology, energy efficiency, and Italian design, these new models are perfect for homeowners seeking sustainable and personalised bathing experiences.

Ariston AURES Range:

  1. Sleek and slim design, winner of the Good Design Award.
  2. Energy-saving, with up to 25% energy savings certified by PSB Singapore.
  3. Constant Temperature technology for optimal user comfort.
  4. Enhanced safety features, including Earth-leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) and Safety Check.

Ariston AURES TOP:

  1. Personalised temperature preferences for up to 3 users.
  2. Anti-scald technology for enhanced safety.

Ariston AURES Premium+ Pump and Rainshower:

  1. Quiet and powerful shower experience, with noise levels as low as 42.7 dB(A).

Ariston WI-FI Electric Storage Water Heaters:

  1. Voice control functions, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  2. Ariston NET app for easy control and up to 25% energy savings.

Embrace the future of home comfort with Ariston’s new range of electric water heaters, designed to provide optimal performance while contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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