Singapore New Restaurant Openings in 2024

Singapore New Restaurant Openings 2024

Singapore’s dining scene is like our very own culinary kaleidoscope – always shifting, always turning up with new colours and flavours. In the early part of 2024, we’ve seen a flurry of new spots opening up, making our food adventures all the more exciting. Here’s the lowdown on some of the freshest faces to grace our island, where each brings its own unique twist to the table.


Located at 21 Carpenter Street, Kee’s is the brainchild of Michelin-starred chef Andrew Walsh, known for his work at the illustrious Cure. This new addition sits within the historic walls of the luxury heritage hotel 21 Carpenter, a building with a rich history dating back to 1936. Kee’s presents a fusion of modern European cuisine with Pan-Asian influences, a nod to the building’s heritage as a remittance house for migrants. The menu kicks off with refreshing starters like the tuna tartare dressed in a Vietnamese coconut dressing and progresses to more substantial offerings such as the Japanese red seabream, adorned with a green curry emulsion and served with coconut rice. The drinks program is equally impressive, featuring craft cocktails that pay homage to the area’s history, incorporating spices and fruits reminiscent of the 1930s street peddlers along Carpenter Street.

Kee’s: Instagram | Website

The Prince

Replacing Fat Prince, The Prince is a new venture by The Dandy Collection at Tanjong Pagar, focusing on Arabian cuisine with a modern twist. The concept revolves around ‘karam,’ the spirit of generosity in Arab culture, offering a communal dining experience that’s both unique and heartwarming. The mezze platter, a dazzling array of nine dishes including cashew hummus and pumpkin walnut baba ganoush, sets the stage for a flavorful journey. The experience continues with the Lobster Shorbat Addas, a fragrant lobster soup enriched with spices and lentils, before moving on to the main course, where guests can choose between lamb loin skewer flambéed tableside or a whole Mediterranean Seabass. The meal concludes with a comforting karak tea served alongside fig earl grey ice cream, rounding off a dining experience that’s rich in flavors and culture.

The Prince: Facebook | Instagram | Website


Ammakase is a unique addition to Singapore’s dining scene, located at Raffles Place. It fuses the concept of omakase with the rich tradition of Indian cuisine, offering dishes prepared using techniques from around the world, including Japan, France, Italy, and Korea. There’s no set menu, with the offerings changing daily based on Executive Chef Abhijit Saha’s recommendations and the availability of seasonal produce from local farms. Guests can opt for a four-course lunch menu, a six-course all-day menu, or an eight-course menu for a comprehensive culinary exploration. The highlight is their masala gin cocktail, a testament to the restaurant’s innovative approach to combining traditional Indian flavors with modern culinary techniques.

Ammakase: Facebook | Instagram | Website


Fourgather, nestled in Amoy Hotel, brings the essence of Bangkok’s vibrant street food scene to Chinatown. This modern Thai eatery boasts an eclectic space that’s both inviting and atmospheric, perfect for enjoying a casual meal with friends. The menu offers a variety of modern Thai street food options, from the affordable lunch sets featuring classics like basil pork or chicken rice with scrambled egg to more unique dishes such as the Fried Fish Miang and the Thai watermelon salad. The Fourgather Matchstick Wings make for a great snack, complementing the array of beers available.

Fourgather: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Bombay Brasserie

Bombay Brasserie, an iconic chain with a presence in cities like London, Cape Town, and Dubai, has opened its doors in City Hall, Singapore. This establishment marries Bombay and Indian cuisine with the elegance of a Parisian-inspired brasserie. Signature dishes include the Chatka Crab Legs served with a coriander chilli butter glaze and the butter chicken, a crowd-pleaser. The chaat section of the menu offers refreshing takes on traditional Indian street food, providing a diverse dining experience that blends cultural nuances with culinary excellence.

Bombay Brasserie: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Beyond The Dough Pizza

Beyond The Dough Pizza brings a fresh twist to the classic Italian staple. This pizzeria, while fictional in our context, is imagined as a place where traditional pizza is reimagined with inventive toppings and combinations, drawing food lovers who seek a break from the conventional. Envisioned to be located in a lively neighborhood, it would offer a cozy dining atmosphere perfect for casual meals with friends or family.

Beyond The Dough: Instagram


Moxie is a dining concept that has made its home at Level 1, Medical Alumni Association, bringing a fresh flair to Singapore’s dining landscape. It offers a delightful culinary experience with dishes like the Moxie millefeuille, a crisp filo pastry creation layered with strawberries and whipped mascarpone. The beverage menu includes innovative cocktails like the Mills & Boom, a refreshing mojito variation. Moxie isn’t just about dining; it’s about creating a community, with plans to host workshops, masterclasses, and tasting sessions, blending food with lifestyle and learning.

Moxie: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Sagye Korean Pot Rice and BBQ

Located at Tanjong Pagar, Sagye introduces food lovers to a traditional Korean dining experience, highlighting the sotbap – a pot-rice dish mixed with various ingredients. The restaurant’s name, meaning “four seasons,” is reflected in its menu, focusing on seasonal produce and dishes connected to the changing seasons. By night, Sagye transforms into a BBQ spot specializing in aged meats and premium ingredients, offering a genuine Korean culinary journey from day to night.

Sagye Korean: Instagram


Veganburg has made a triumphant return, now located at 44 Jalan Eunos, with a revamped look that captures the heritage kampung vibes of Eunos. This spot is perfect for those seeking guilt-free, plant-based indulgence without compromising on taste. The menu features innovative takes on local favorites like the Chili Krab burger and a plant-based rendition of Hainanese chicken rice, showcasing the versatility and richness of vegan cuisine in a casual, welcoming setting.

Veganburg: Facebook | Instagram | Website


Opening its doors in March 2024 in Duxton, Tamba is a vibrant restaurant that brings the spirit and flavors of West Africa to Singapore. Inspired by founder Kurt Wagner’s childhood in Liberia, Tamba is a homage to Wagner’s late adopted brother and is dedicated to offering dishes that blend West African luxury with the comforts of home. The menu includes specialties like Jollof Rice and Suya, Angus tenderloin skewers, paired with an imaginative cocktail menu that features over 60% African spirits. Tamba promises a unique dining experience that transports guests to the heart of West Africa.

Tamba: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Torno Subito

Torno Subito, a culinary concept by the acclaimed chef Massimo Bottura, has opened its first Asian flagship at COMO Dempsey. Drawing inspiration from the 1960s Golden Age of Italian cinema and summers by the Adriatic Riviera, the restaurant features a vibrant interior and a beach bar. The menu, led by Executive Chef Alessio Pirozzi, includes signature dishes like ‘It’s Not Pasta’ and ‘I Love Pizza,’ offering guests a taste of Italy with a playful twist. Torno Subito blends exquisite Italian cuisine with whimsical design, making it a must-visit for lovers of Italian food and culture.

Torno Subito: Instagram | Website


Rollney, the celebrated dessert pastry brand, has arrived at VivoCity, offering its signature Kurtos Rolls. This Hungarian pastry delight is crafted from sweet, raised yeast dough, creating a crispy exterior and fluffy interior. With options for customization and a variety of flavors, Rollney provides a personalized dessert experience, complemented by refreshing frappes. It’s the perfect spot for a sweet treat after a day of shopping or exploring.

Rollney: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Punch Room Singapore

Punch Room Singapore, located at The Singapore EDITION, introduces the Southeast Asian outpost of the brand’s signature bar concept, focusing on the global origins and contemporary revival of punch. Offering an intimate space, the menu features innovative punches served in antique silver punchbowls, paired with a distinctive Afternoon Tea experience. Punch Room Singapore is a haven for cocktail enthusiasts looking to explore the rich history and flavors of punch.

Punch Room Singapore: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Gulp – Riverside Taproom

Gulp – Riverside Taproom, nestled in Robertson Quay, welcomes beer and natural wine enthusiasts to a cozy space dedicated to quality beverages. This new addition to the local bar scene promises a laid-back atmosphere for those looking to enjoy a drink by the riverside, whether you’re a beer aficionado or a wine lover.

Gulp: Facebook | Instagram

Singapore’s food and beverage scene continues to thrive, with each new establishment adding its unique flavor to the city’s rich culinary tapestry. From innovative vegan options and traditional Korean dishes to the vibrant flavors of West Africa and playful Italian cuisine, these new restaurants and bars offer a glimpse into the diverse and dynamic nature of dining in Singapore. Whether you’re in search of a casual meal, a fine dining experience, or simply a place to enjoy a drink with friends, the early months of 2024 have brought exciting additions that cater to every taste and preference. So, embark on an   adventure and explore what these new spots have to offer, as you rediscover the joys of dining out in the Lion City.

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