Meow BBQ: New Line-up

Meow BBQMeow BBQ New Menu (April 2023) (image supplied)
Meow BBQMeow BBQ New Menu (April 2023) (image supplied)

A New Line-up of Delectable Dishes at Meow BBQ

Meow BBQ, a trendy barbecue restaurant, introduces a series of new a la carte dishes and two platters to complete your ultimate barbecue experience. These new additions are perfect accompaniments to their existing menu, whether you’re craving bold red meat, succulent white meat or smaller bites on the side. Let’s take a closer look at these new offerings set to satisfy your taste buds.

Savour the Flavours: New Dishes

Starting 18 April 2023, Meow BBQ’s patrons can enjoy new dishes such as Prawn Paste Stuffed Mushrooms, Sliced Beef with Garlic, Ox Tongue with Szechuan Peppers, and Grilled Chicken Wings. These mouth-watering dishes complement the Meow All-Star Meat Platter ($66.80) and the Meow Signature Chicken and Pork Platter ($59.80), offering an indulgent barbecue experience for all.

Refreshing Beverages: Complement Your Meal with Camellia Lemon Tea

To wash down the delectable meats, Meow BBQ offers a refreshing Camellia Lemon Tea, a citrus tea made of lemon and lime and fragranced with the floral aromatics of camellia flowers. The perfect beverage to balance out the rich flavours of the barbecue.

Satisfy Your Appetite: Meow All Star Meat Platter & Meow Signature Chicken and Pork Platter

For those with voracious appetites, the Meow All-Star Meat Platter brings together the top seven best-selling items from Meow BBQ’s repertoire, including the new Ox Tongue with Szechuan Peppers. This platter is perfect for those who want to sample the best Meow BBQ in one sitting.

Alternatively, the Meow Signature Chicken and Pork Platter features six succulent pork and chicken options for those who prefer white meat. This platter is equally satisfying, with various flavours to suit every palate.

About Meow BBQ

Meow BBQ in Bugis+ marks the brand’s first overseas outpost outside of China, bringing its signature variety of BBQ items with adorable cat elements to Singapore. Founded in 2012 by Uncle Meow (猫叔), Meow BBQ has consistently ranked Top 10 BBQ Restaurants in China in various polls and awards and has won Dianping’s Must-Try Restaurant for four consecutive years. The cute cat paws and motifs make for the main spirit all around the restaurant, while prime-cut meats and quality marinades feed the mouth at Meow BBQ.

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