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Luckin coffee, known for its technology-driven retail concept and quality coffee, is expanding its footprint in Singapore with a new outlet in the East – Tampines 1, launching on 16 May 2023. Simultaneously with another outlet in CityLink, this grand opening marks an exciting milestone for the coffee powerhouse, broadening its accessibility to customers from all corners of Singapore.

An Atmosphere for Coffee Aficionados

Reflecting the signature minimalist and warm aesthetic of its Marina Square flagship, luckin coffee Tampines offers an expansive space that invites customers into a soothing, coffee-centric environment. On the other hand, the CityLink outlet encapsulates convenience, providing a fuss-free coffee fix in a sleek, modern setting.

luckin coffee-Iced Fruity Americano Artwork (image supplied)
luckin coffee-Iced Fruity Americano Artwork (image supplied)

A Revitalising Sip: Introducing the Fruity Americano Series

Luckin coffee’s commitment to innovative and delicious coffee experiences is reflected in their new Fruity Americano Series, set to debut on 10 May 2023. This line-up features the Iced Coconut Americano, a tropical delight that uses coconuts sourced from Southeast Asia and single-origin espresso from Yirgacheffe. It also presents the Iced Pomelo Americano, a unique brew crafted with up to four types of pomelo, providing a zesty, refreshing twist to your regular coffee fix.

Beat the Heat with the Exfreezo™ Series Additions

Adding to their widely adored Exfreezo™ Series, luckin coffee is set to introduce two exciting new concoctions on 20 May 2023. The Waxberry Exfreezo™ and the Dark Brown Sugar Macchiato Exfreezo™ promise to offer a blend of rich, creamy textures, aromatic fragrances, and intense flavours. It’s the perfect icy indulgence to combat Singapore’s relentless heat.

An Opening Treat: First In-App Order Promotion

Luckin coffee celebrates the opening of its new outlets with a promotional offer. First-time users of the luckin coffee app can enjoy their first beverage at only $0.99. It’s an excellent opportunity to experience luckin’s diverse selection of drinks at a special rate.

About luckin coffee Singapore

A pioneer of a technology-driven retail concept, luckin coffee aims to serve quality coffee conveniently. Their “rapid retail” experience ensures customers can select, purchase, and pick up their coffee through a mobile app, offering a seamless, efficient coffee experience. With each cup of coffee brewed from sustainably-sourced, high-quality Arabica beans from Yunnan, China, Columbia, and Ethiopia, you can always expect coffee that is “freshly roasted and freshly grounded” at luckin coffee.


Luckin coffee, , is marking its expansion in Singapore with two new outlets, one in Tampines 1 and another in CityLink, launching on 16 May 2023. The brand is bringing a more exciting portfolio, introducing the Fruity Americano Series on 10 May 2023 and adding new flavours to their popular Exfreezo™ Series on 20 May 2023. To celebrate these milestones, they’re offering a promotional $0.99 deal for first-time in-app orders, providing an enticing opportunity to explore their diverse beverage range.

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