Coffee brewing techniques. What’s the difference?

When looking for a way to make coffee you can be overwhelmed by the myriad options presented to you. With so many choices it’s hard to know what to go with. Here are a few facts about each to help you decide.

Before using any of the methods, a few steps need to take place first. Coffee straight off the tree is not suitable for brewing. Before any brewing can take place berries are processed to remove the fruity flesh and then roasted. Roasting the beans gives the coffee the flavour and depending on how dark the roast can vary from vanilla or caramel to more burnt and astringent flavours. Roasters pride themselves on the blends of different roasts to achieve their signature flavour. Roasted beans should be ground just before brewing to reduce oxidation of the bean.


Coffee Brewing Techniques - Espresso
Coffee Brewing Techniques: Espresso


Coffee Brewing Techniques - Syphon
Coffee Brewing Techniques: Syphon

3French Press

Coffee Brewing Techniques - French Press
Coffee Brewing Techniques :French Press


Coffee Brewing Techniques - Chemex
Coffee Brewing Techniques: Chemex


Coffee Brewing Techniques - Aeropress
Coffee Brewing Techniques :Aeropress

6Cold Brew

Coffee Brewing Techniques - Cold Brew
Coffee Brewing Techniques :Cold Brew

Each option has pros and cons. The espresso produces the most concentrated coffee with a golden crema it needs a bulky machine, while a French press is a simple one pot option. It comes down to how passionate you are about your coffee compared to how much bench space or money you have. Or you can forget it all and meet your friends at the local café and have somebody else make it.