CNY Festive Menus and Promos from Fast Food Brands

Fast Food Chinese New Year 2024

As we welcome the Year of the Dragon in 2024, Singapore’s fast food landscape is abuzz with exciting promotions and CNY festive menus. Lunar New Year is not just a traditional celebration but also a time for gastronomic indulgence. This year, fast food brands in Singapore are stepping up their game with an array of special offers and limited-time menus, making the festive season all the more delightful.

McDonald’s: Prosperity and Joy

McDonald’s Singapore brings back its cherished Prosperity Burger, a seasonal favourite combining a juicy beef or chicken patty with a tantalising black pepper sauce. Alongside, the Prosperity Twister Fries™ make a crispy comeback, perfect for festive snacking. Don’t miss the Pineapple Pie, encapsulating warm, luscious pineapple filling in a crispy pastry shell, and the Pink Guava McFizz®, a refreshing tropical beverage. For dessert lovers, the Kueh Bangkit Cone, with its creamy mix of pandan and coconut flavours, is a must-try. This year, McDonald’s also introduces a unique Lohei bundle, allowing customers to enjoy a twist on the traditional Lunar New Year toss with their loved ones. Adding to the excitement is a range of exclusive Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary products, including Red Packets and plush toys, adding a charming touch to the festive feast.

McDonald's LNY Prosperity Menu
McDonald’s LNY Prosperity Menu (source: McDonald’s Singapore)

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KFC: Halal Chicken Bak Kwa Innovations

KFC makes a historic addition with its Halal Chicken Bak Kwa Crunch and Burger. These offerings feature the signature Hot & Crispy Chicken, coated with smoky Bak Kwa seasoning and topped with delicious Bak Kwa bits, combining traditional flavours with a fast-food twist. Available from 24 January to 22 February 2024, these unique dishes promise to be a hit among fans of traditional Lunar New Year flavours and KFC’s classic fried chicken.

CNY 2024 Chicken Bak Kwa
CNY 2024 Chicken Bak Kwa (source: KFC Singapore)

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Starbucks: Lunar New Year Treats

Starbucks Singapore celebrates the season with a delightful range of festive treats. Expect to find an assortment of cookies in various flavours, as well as wafer rolls in original and coffee flavours made with Starbucks Coffee. In addition to these sweet offerings, Starbucks has unveiled an exclusive range of Year of the Rabbit-themed merchandise. Starbucks Rewards members can look forward to special promotions and bonus Stars during this festive period.

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Pizza Hut: Hu-at! Cheong Gai Pizza

Pizza Hut welcomes the festive season with its Hu-at! Cheong Gai Pizza. This unique pizza is generously topped with diced tomatoes, onions, cheeses, and bites of Har Cheong Gai chicken – a beloved local dish known for its umami-rich shrimp paste sauce. The combination of traditional Singaporean flavours with the comfort of pizza makes this a must-try during the Lunar New Year celebrations.

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Singapore’s fast food scene is embracing the festive spirit of the Lunar New Year with exciting promotions and limited-time menus. From McDonald’s Prosperity Burger and KFC’s Halal Chicken Bak Kwa Crunch & Burger to Starbucks’ Lunar New Year treats and Pizza Hut’s Hu-at! Cheong Gai Pizza, there are plenty of mouthwatering options to indulge in. Whether you’re craving traditional flavours or innovative twists, these CNY festive menus are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Don’t miss out on these delectable offerings and make your Lunar New Year celebrations even more special with these fast food delights.

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