Celebrating Spring with Roku Gin

Roku Gin-Shun—Cocktails (image supplied)
Roku Gin-Shun—Cocktails (image supplied)

As the dawning of spring arrives, Roku Gin celebrates the ‘Shun’, the harvesting of ingredients at the peak of the season, with six top bars in Singapore. From 3 April to 26 May, these bars will serve three specially crafted cocktails made with an exclusive spring ingredient. The six ingredients featured in these cocktails are cherry, rhubarb, strawberry, sudachi, plum, and avocado.

Manhattan—Ingredient: Cherry

One of the six ingredients featured in the cocktail lineup is cherry. The senior bartender of ManhattanYahan, crafts three specialities from the beautiful redness of cherries. The Haru Yo Koi marries Roku Gin with a house cherry brandy, further emboldened with Mozart chocolate, cherry puree, Okinawa brown sugar, cream, and lemon juice. The Picnic in Spring is a herbaceous delight with Roku-infused hojicha intensifying house cherry brandy and rounded off with Maqaw sweet vermouth and Campari. The Little Blossom is as delicious on the lips as it is adorable on the ears with Roku Gin infused with dill, brightened with lemon verbena cherry cordial, St Germain, lemon juice, and silkened with egg white.

Manhattan: Facebook | Instagram | Regent Singapore, 1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249715

Stay Gold—Ingredient: Sudachi

Sudachi, a prized citrus fruit native to the Tokushima prefecture in Japan, is one of the exclusive spring ingredients featured. The senior bartender of Stay GoldAmos Kew, harvests its dryness in a Dashi Martini perfected with Roku Gin, Tio Pepe, sencha dashi, super sudachi, orange flower water, pickled cucumber, and Sakura leaf. He also turns it into a Sansho Sour of Roku Gin, Cointreau, super sudachi, sansho syrup, firewater, and Gyokura mist. The Sakura Hi is a refreshing alternative with Roku Gin, peach liqueur, super sudachi, sakura flower syrup, and yuzu juice, finished with soda water and garnished with yuzu jelly.

Stay GoldFacebookInstagram | 69 Amoy St, Singapore 069888

Live Twice—Ingredient: Strawberry

Planted in the fall and at prime perfection for harvest in the spring, strawberries are the hallmark of springtime harvest in Japan. Principal Bartender of Live TwiceDavid Kim, cleverly uses them in three cocktails. The Ichigo Fizz is made from Roku Gin, honey ginger syrup, lemon juice, and strawberry, finished off with soda water for sparkle. The Spring Blossom sweetens Roku Gin with strawberry and geranium syrup and brightens the final taste profile with lemon juice and foam. Finally, the Little Charm is a simplicity crafted for purists with Roku Gin and strawberry shochu, garnished with a shiso leaf.

Live TwiceFacebookInstagram | 20 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089834

ORIGIN—Ingredient: Avocado

Avocados are another exclusive spring ingredient. Head Bartender of ORIGINEdu, brings the avocado to life in three drinks. The Healthy Wealthy blends Roku Gin, avocado syrup, banana puree, and half and half for a sweet buttery tall glass of delight. The Lean & Green goes back to basics with Roku Gin sweetened with avocado syrup, lifted with the crispness of mint and citrus. The final Champion’s Breakfast stirs up a delicious concoction of Roku Gin, Earl Grey tea, fresh avocadoes, and citrus, texturised with burnt toast bread and milk crisp for a taste of breakfast for champions.

ORIGINFacebookInstagram | Tower Wing, Lobby Level, 5 Fraser Street, Singapore 189354

GOHO—Ingredient: Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a hardy plant prized for its fragrant tart flavour. The Group Bar Manager of GOHOReshawn, translates the rhubarb into three distinct cocktails. The Rhubarb & Chamomile is a crisp concoction of Roku Gin and clarified rhubarb juice fragranced with chamomile and grapefruit oil, while the Rhubarb Gimlet is a punchy glass of Roku Gin, rhubarb juice, yuzu reduction, and orange bitters. Finally, the Rhubarb Fizz is a refreshing drink of Roku Gin, rhubarb juice, lime aperitif, and tonic water.

GOHOFacebookInstagram | 53A Duxton Rd, Entrance via RAPPU, Singapore 089517

One Ninety—Ingredient: Plum

Japan has a fifth season – Tsuyu (梅雨), literally meaning “plum rain”. Tsuyu comes between spring and summer and is a time of consistent, gentle rains. This is also when the plum trees start to bear fruit and are ripe for harvesting, peaking in aroma and flavour in their ‘Shun’. Head Bartender of One NinetySophia Kang, takes on the plum in three delicious varieties. Her Gayokko Suru combines Roku Gin with umeshu, lightly veiled with Sakura florals with syrup dripped from a tincture. The Ume No Hana is a fruity and floral delight with Roku Gin laced with lychee liqueur, black plum, rose and a dash of lemon juice before being shaken to silky smoothness with egg white. Finally, the Granny’s Remedy brings a hearty herbaceousness with Roku Gin, Amaro Montenegro, green plum marmalade, plum bitters, and crisp soda.

One NinetyFacebookInstagram | Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, 190 Orchard Blvd, Singapore 248646

Celebrate the arrival of spring with Roku Gin

Embark on a journey to taste the best of spring with exclusive cocktails crafted by six top bars in Singapore. Experience the ‘Shun’ of six seasonal ingredients, including cherry, rhubarb, strawberry, sudachi, plum, and avocado, in three refreshing drinks at each bar until 26 May 2023. Indulge in the unique and delicious ways each bartender brings their respective ingredient to life in a glass.

Roku Gin: Facebook | Instagram

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