BHC Chicken To Open in Singapore


Fried chicken lovers in Singapore have a new reason to rejoice with the arrival of BHC Chicken, South Korea’s largest fried chicken chain, in Marina Square. BHC Chicken is the number one fried chicken chain in South Korea by sales volume and the number of outlets. It is also the undisputed number one regarding the variety of fried chicken flavours. BHC Chicken is set to open its first outlet in Singapore on 26th April 2023.

About BHC Chicken

BHC Chicken is South Korea’s largest fried chicken chain by volume of sales and number of outlets as of February 2023, with 1,995 stores globally. BHC Chicken is known for its large variety of fried chicken. Singapore fans will be offered BHC Chicken’s hot favourites, such as the Bburinkle Chicken, Gold King and Macho King. In addition, the company plans to develop new fried chicken options that fit local customers’ tastes and offer them at the branch.

BHC Chicken stands itself apart from other Korean fried chicken restaurants with offerings of equally tantalising mains, serving satisfaction with wholesome Korean dishes like Samgyetang, Kimchi Fried Rice, Tteokbokki, Rabokki and more. The Singapore outlet will feature a condensed menu but promises all the signatures that make BHC Chicken the preferred choice in South Korea.

The Experience

BHC Chicken welcomes fans of fried chicken from all walks of life with an open-space dining area that sets the stage for its famed Korean fried chicken and other fast-food offerings. The 108-seater space is conceptualised around the dining vision of chicken, beer and plate coming together to form the holy trifactor of convivial snacking and feasting among friends. It borrows a retro-chic oriental interior design that is vintage yet tinged with modernity from a bare, industrial underlying aesthetic for a touch of exclusivity.

Celebrity Endorsements

Its bright and happy energy has caught on multiple celebrity endorsements with Big Bang’s Daesung, 2AM, Girl’s Day and even Jeon Ji Hyun. Jeon Ji Hyun continues to be an ardent supporter as BHC Chicken’s exclusive celebrity ambassador since cementing her love for fried chicken and playing a chicken-loving character in ‘My Love From Another Star’.

Giveaway Details

To celebrate its opening in Singapore, BHC Chicken is giving away BHC EAT FOR FREE Vouchers worth $100 each on Instagram. Follow them on Instagram, like the giveaway contest post on their Instagram (@bhc_chicken_sg), find how many PPUZZI are holding the Singapore flag on the post, and comment with the correct answer. The giveaway ends on 2nd April 2023, Sunday, 23:59. Two lucky winners will be selected.

BHC Chicken’s arrival in Singapore will excite fried chicken enthusiasts. With its variety of flavours and other wholesome Korean dishes, BHC Chicken is set to become one of Singapore’s go-to destinations for fried chicken.

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