Sushi Tei Singapore

Sushi Tei Haru Menu—Sakura Dai Hotate Carpaccio (image supplied)
Sushi Tei Haru Menu—Sakura Dai Hotate Carpaccio (image supplied)

Sushi Tei Singapore

Sushi Tei is a well-known Japanese sushi restaurant chain that has been trusted for its fresh, quality food and exemplary customer service since its establishment in 1994. The establishment serves authentic Japanese food in an inviting, cosmopolitan environment.

The Sushi Tei Experience

One of the reasons why Sushi Tei is beloved by many is its fresh and high-quality food. The chefs at Sushi Tei treat food preparation as an art form. By centring all its restaurants around the open kitchen, Sushi Tei encourages all patrons to take a greater interest in the culinary expertise of the chefs. This allows diners to experience the preparation and presentation of the dishes, making the meal more enjoyable and memorable.

The Menu

Sushi Tei promises to offer all patrons a dining experience to remember. The establishment prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients to deliver bold and exciting renditions of classic dishes. Their menu features Japanese cuisine, from sushi and sashimi to tempura and udon noodles.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere at Sushi Tei is inviting, with a cosmopolitan vibe perfect for groups of friends or colleagues. The warm service and affordable pricing make it an excellent option for a casual meal. At the same time, the inviting atmosphere also makes it an ideal choice for date night.

Sushi Tei in Singapore

Sushi Tei has 13 outlets in Singapore, making it a popular choice for those looking for a fresh and authentic Japanese dining experience. The establishment is known for its high quality and fresh ingredients sourced locally and from Japan.


Sushi Tei has multiple locations. Refer to their website for a list of addresses.

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