SUI Gin X GudSht

Sui Gin X GudSht

This summer, Japanese restaurants across Singapore offer an exciting new experience combining summer’s hot and cold tastes – a perfect blend of crispy chicken karaage and the refreshing touch of SUI Gin Soda. Fusing these flavours creates a perfect harmony, combining the traditional essence of an izakaya favourite with a modern twist.

Unleashing a Perfect Duo

The timeless tradition of SUI Gin, a budget-friendly craft gin that aims to make Japanese craft expressions more accessible, now joins hands with a popular culinary delight – crispy chicken karaage. This combo invites food enthusiasts to savour the contrast of hot and crispy chicken with the chill touch of Gin Soda.

An Exclusive Collaboration with SUI Gin

This season, in an exclusive collaboration with SUI Gin, ten restaurants and bars present various variations of chicken karaage, each innovatively paired with SUI Gin Soda. From the classic and crunchy karaage to the hot and spicy, each unique rendition will tantalize your palate and leave you craving more.

A Taste of GudSht’s Shoyu Pepper Wings 

GudSht brings a distinct twist to the table among the ten participating outlets with their Shoyu Pepper Wings. These chicken wings glazed generously with a punchy shoyu pepper sauce, pair wonderfully with a Sour Plum SUI Gin Soda and a Yuzu Citron SUI Gin Soda.

From firsthand experience, the Shoyu Pepper Wings had a mouthwatering umami flavour from the shoyu, which nicely cut through the greasy nature of the wings. It would be great if the wings had a stronger peppery flavour.

As for the Gin Sodas, the Sour Plum offered a tangy kick that balanced out the richness of the wings, while the Yuzu Citron Soda added a sweeter touch, offering a lighter, more refreshing counterpoint. 

GudSht's tantalizing Shoyu Pepper Wings paired with a selection of SUI Gin Sodas

Limited Time Offer

This exciting combo is available only until the 31st of July 2023. So seize the moment, and immerse yourself in this unique experience. 

The Magic of SUI Gin

Crafted in Osaka by SUNTORY, the blended harmony of Yuzu, Green Tea, and Ginger in SUI offers a clear and refreshing taste, perfect for pairing with meals across various cuisines and styles. 

SUI Gin is best enjoyed mixed with soda water to highlight Sui’s natural sweetness. For those who enjoy depth and complexity, a splash of tonic water can open up further layers of its flavours.


Nestled in Orchard Road, Singapore, GudSht is the ultimate hangout for youths looking for great drinks without breaking the bank. This lively bar is known for its relaxed vibes and crafty concoctions, where creative mixologists serve everything from classic spirits to shochu infusions and funky sodas. It’s not all about posh glassware here; instead, GudSht is about having a good time, one refreshing sip at a time. On the food side, they’ve got tasty Japanese-inspired nibbles that perfectly complement their drinks.

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