McDonald’s Festive Clubhouse Burgers

McDonald's Festive Clubhouse Burgers
McDonald's Festive Clubhouse Burgers & Truffle-flavoured Fries

This year McDonald’s festive menu includes the all-new Beef Clubhouse Burger, Grilled Chicken Clubhouse Burger, Truffle Flavoured Shaker Fries and Red Velvet McFlurry with Oreo Cookie Bits. When we head to McDonald’s we usually go straight for our favourite menu items, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try the new festive items this time around.

McDonald's Festive Clubhouse Burgers
McDonald’s Festive Clubhouse Burgers & Truffle-flavoured Fries

Sandwiched between the soft, sweet burger bun, the festive burgers are stacked with—either a chicken or beef patty, a thin crispy bacon slab, cheese, lettuce, caramelised onions and slathered with sauce. We enjoyed the savoury yet sweet sauce layered in the burger along with the crisp bacon slice that looks unnaturally fake at first glance. Nonetheless it gave the burger crispy texture with each bite.

McDonald's Festive Menu-Beef Clubhouse Burger
McDonald’s Festive Menu-Beef Clubhouse Burger

The patties were tender and the overall burgers brought out the Christmas vibes with rather festive coloured ingredients like the green from the lettuce and red from the bacon. Overall the burgers were of a satisfactory standard coming from McDonald’s, even my grandmother enjoyed feasting on the chicken burger with no complaints.

Along with the burgers, we tried the Truffle Flavoured Shaker Fries, Red Velvet McFlurry and a Coke Float.

After tasting a small portion of the fries with the truffle-flavouring, we agreed that the original fries without seasoning were much tastier. Although we weren’t expecting a real truffle flavour at the given price-point, the shaker fries flavouring was also rather salty and garlicy.

McDonald's Festive Menu-Red Velvet McFlurry
McDonald’s Festive Menu-Red Velvet McFlurry

We finished off our meal with the Red Velvet McFlurry with Oreo Cookie Bits. This tasted just like the normal Oreo McFlurry, but with red colouring. It’s also a good idea to stir up the ice cream as there were large pockets of “red velvet” powder at the bottom of our cup.

McDonald's Festive Menu-Coke Float
McDonald’s Festive Menu-Coke Float

And finally the coke float. Coke and soft serve ice cream… Not much to say as you can’t really go wrong with that fizzy combination.

Overall the meal is a good deal at it’s price point and something new for the festive season. Each Extra Value Meal including a burger, medium fries and cup of coke is available from $8.60. The Truffle Flavoured Shaker Fries and small coke float is available with a top-up of 80 cents.