Lewin Terrace X Niigata City

Lewin Terrace X Niigata City: Amadai

Situated in Fort Canning Park, Lewin Terrace is the former bungalow residence of the Chief Central Fire Station on Hill Street. It’s been transformed into a culinary destination. Executive Chef Keisuke Matsumoto, from Sendai of Miyagi Prefecture in the north of Japan, boasts thirty years’ experience as a chef. After working in some of the finest French restaurants in Tokyo, he spent four years perfecting his craft in Michelin-starred restaurants in France.

With these learnings Chef Matsumoto incorporates the finest produce with rich flavour combinations to bring French/Japanese fusion dining at its best. The menu combined with the atmosphere of this classic building make Lewin Terrace the place to go for a delightful dining experience.

Niigata city is the largest city in the Niigata province of Japan. Situated on the coast, Niigata surrounds the Shinano River. This has provided the city with a booming fishing industry, many of Niigata’s fish considered delicacies. The river has also allowed the success of agriculture in Niigata. The region is well known for its rice, fruit and vegetable products.

Till 11th August Lewin Terrace is offering a 4-course menu at $68.00++ in collaboration with Niigata City, Japan, to showcase the talents of Chef Matsumoto and the fine produce that Niigata has to offer. The 4-course menu includes the following delectable dishes…

Lewin Terrace X Niigata City: Horse Mackerel

Horse mackerel / Midi-tomato/ Round eggplant/ Lemon grass (A La Carte $32++ )

When the horse mackerel start spawning in summer they change their diet. This seasonal change makes the horse mackerel a summer delicacy in Niigata City. To make the flesh even more sweet and silky, the mackerel are placed into icy water as soon as they are caught.

While the horse mackerel is the star of the dish the other components are not to be overlooked. Niigata-grown eggplant has been treated with a simple marinade of herbs from the north of France and olive oil gives a soft texture and a subtle sweetness. This is balanced by the slight acid of the tomato. All of this rests upon a bed of rice and potato that has been marinated in rich truffle oil. Everything is topped with a salmon fish sauce and a peppery garnish of rocket. The French herbs, truffle oil and potato matched with salmon fish sauce and rice form the perfect fusion of French and Japanese foods.

Lewin Terrace X Niigata City: Black Ivory Shell

Black ivory shell / Niigata champignon /Garlic /Kurumafu (A La Carte $30++)

The black ivory shell is known for its firm texture and strong flavour of the sea. Both of these attributes are on show in this dish. The black ivory shell is perfectly balanced by champignons from Niigata and soft kurumafu. All bathed in the refreshing chilled creamy garlic sauce. The flavours complement each other perfectly. The firmness of the dish is a gradient from the black ivory shells, to the champignons down to the soft kurumafu. Every bite, with its varied texture pallet, is a sensory adventure.

Lewin Terrace X Niigata City: Amadai

Amadai, Koshihikari, Kohirakata Cyamame (A La Carte $60++ )

The main dish of the menu displays the quality of the Niigata produce and the mastery of flavour of Chef Matsumoto. All ingredients were flown directly from Niigata to assure the maintenance of absolute freshness. Niigata is renowned as a fishing area and the Amadai (Tilefish), which favours the muddy sediment in the region is one of Niigata’s prize catches. While it’s not a fatty fish, the Amadai has a creamy texture while being delicate and subtle in flavour. The fish is grilled with the scales on to give a crunch like that of pork crackling. Served on a bed of Koshihikari rice, the finest of Japanese rices and another example of a quality Niigata crop. The rice is interlaced with sweet and crunchy Kohirakata Cyamame beans.  As it reaches the table the bowl is topped off with a light soup providing another sensory element to an already exciting dish.

Lewin Terrace X Niigata City: Japanese Peach Dessert

Japanese peach / Vanilla / Yoghurt / Kaffle Lime (A La Carte $23++ )

It’s lucky that everyone always has room for dessert as you wouldn’t want to miss this. You won’t be weighed down by a heavy dessert. This is a light and refreshing finale to the menu. Exhibiting the freshness, flavour and slight sweetness of Japanese peaches, this is matched with sweet vanilla and creamy yoghurt and juxtaposed by the tang of the lime and bitterness of the cocoa in the chocolate twig.

Lewin Terrace X Niigata City: Le Lectier Wine

Le lectier wine

All of these delights can be washed down with a glass of Le Lectier wine (not included in 4-course set). The Le Lectier peach from France was brought to be grown in Niigata in the early 1900s and have since become a delicacy of the area. This delicacy has been transformed into a delicious aromatic wine.

This menu transforms the produce of Niigata with French and Japanese flavours and styles to produce dishes that you won’t soon forget. Enjoy it while you still have the opportunity.

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