Eggslut Soy Chic: A New Delight in Egg-focused Dining

Eggslut Soy Chic New Menu Item

Since opening its first Singapore outlet, Eggslut has become a favourite destination for those who savour innovative egg-based dishes. Expanding on its diverse menu, Eggslut recently introduced “Soy Chic,” a unique fried chicken sandwich. This delightful addition features crispy chicken coated in a sweet soy glaze, encased in a soft, toasted brioche bun, and topped with cheddar, a perfectly cooked over-easy egg, and coleslaw, making it a standout choice for diners seeking something beyond the traditional breakfast fare.

First-hand Experience with “Soy Chic”

Eggslut’s “Soy Chic” sandwich impresses with its well-balanced flavours, combining a gooey egg and soft buns with the sandwich’s standout feature – its distinctively crispy chicken. We added avocado, further adding creaminess to the texture play, contrasting nicely with the crunch. The sandwich is generously portioned, making for a fulfilling meal on its own. The choice of pairing it with Freedom Lager Beer, known for its light and crisp profile, complements the rich flavours of the “Soy Chic” beautifully, rounding off the dining experience. This new addition to Eggslut’s menu is a must-try for its unique take on flavour and texture combinations. And, of course, a visit to Eggslut isn’t complete without the iconic “Slut” on the side.

Quality and Freshness: Eggslut’s Promise

Eggslut’s commitment to quality and freshness is a hallmark of their gourmet approach to dining. They emphasize high-quality ingredients in their distinctive dishes, such as the popular “Slut,” which combines a coddled egg and smooth potato puree, served with perfectly toasted baguettes. Their dedication is also evident in their choice of fresh, locally sourced bread and the transparency offered by their open kitchen layout. This meticulous attention to detail in ingredient selection and food preparation has propelled Eggslut from humble beginnings to an internationally recognized gourmet brand beloved for its innovative egg-focused dishes.

Drink Pairings: Enhancing the Eggslut Experience with “Soy Chic”

Eggslut’s newest addition, the “Soy Chic,” finds its perfect beverage counterpart in the Freedom Lager, developed in collaboration with local craft brewery Brewlander. This lager is a unique take on the Helles style, brewed with premium European Pilsner malts and hopped with modern noble-like varietals such as Green Bullet Pacific Crest. The Freedom Lager is unfiltered, highlighting a bright malt profile and a floral aroma, finishing light and crisp, making it crushable and refreshing. It’s a beer that celebrates finesse and elegance, complementing the rich flavours of the “Soy Chic” sandwich.

Apart from the Freedom Lager, Eggslut also offers a variety of other beverages for those who prefer a different accompaniment. Customers can choose from coffee, cold brew, and other drinks to enjoy alongside their meal.

Menu Evolution at Eggslut Singapore

Eggslut Singapore has frequently surprised its patrons with exciting limited-edition menus. A notable example was “The Butcher’s Build,” which brought the spicy and smoky flavours of chorizo to the forefront. This menu included unique dishes like the “Butcher’s Sandwich,” a chorizo and scrambled egg delight in a brioche bun, and the “Chorizo Slut,” a mix of chorizo, potato puree, and a coddled egg. There was also a lighter option, the “Butcher’s Salad,” blending chorizo stew with greens and eggs.

Celebrating its first anniversary in Singapore, Eggslut introduced another limited-time menu featuring the “Avocado & Prawn Sandwich,” a rich combination of grilled tiger prawns, egg, avocado, and cheddar in a brioche bun. Alongside this, they launched their first dessert in Singapore, the “Panna Cotta Slut,” a creative twist on their signature dish with a vanilla and hazelnut panna cotta, topped with mango passionfruit sauce.

These limited edition offerings showcase Eggslut’s inventive approach, continuously adding new and exciting twists to their egg-focused menu.

Try the Eggslut Soy Chic in-stores

Eggslut’s “Soy Chic” is an exciting addition to their menu and worth trying. This unique sandwich, with its crispy chicken, sweet soy glaze, and creamy additions, offers a delightful culinary experience. Along with “Soy Chic,” don’t miss out on trying Eggslut’s range of sides, like the truffle hashbrowns, which complement the main dishes perfectly.

Eggslut has outlets at Scotts Square and Suntec City Mall in Singapore for those eager to taste this new sensation. Each location promises a memorable dining experience with Eggslut’s signature approach to innovative, egg-focused dishes.

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FAQs About Eggslut’s “Soy Chic”

  1. What makes “Soy Chic” unique at Eggslut? “Soy Chic” stands out with its perfectly crispy chicken coated in a house-made soy glaze. The sandwich, nestled in a soft brioche bun, is topped with a slice of cheddar and an over-easy egg, creating a unique balance of flavours and textures.
  2. Can I customize the “Soy Chic” sandwich? Eggslut offers some customization options for their sandwiches, so you can tailor the “Soy Chic” to your liking.
  3. What is the recommended drink pairing with “Soy Chic”? The Freedom Lager Beer, developed in collaboration with Brewlander, is highly recommended. Its light and crisp profile pairs wonderfully with the rich flavours of the “Soy Chic.”
  4. Where can I try the “Soy Chic” sandwich? “Soy Chic” is available at Eggslut’s outlets in Scotts Square and Suntec City Mall in Singapore.

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