Domino’s Pizza Singapore: 50% off pizzas

Domino's Pizza Singapore 50% off
Domino's Pizza Singapore

Domino’s Pizza Singapore has announced the permanent return of their massive 50% off promotion for all pizza flavours and sizes. Starting January 31st, 2023, pizza lovers can enjoy their favourite hand-stretched pizzas at just half the usual price, with a minimum purchase of just one pizza.

Domino's Pizza Singapore—Add on combo Lava Cake
Domino’s Pizza Singapore—Add on combo Lava Cake

Whether you’re ordering for a cosy night in alone or catering for a party with loved ones, there’s something for everyone. Fans may choose from All Time Favorite pizza flavours, including the tasty Classified Chicken and the delectable Hawaiian Paradise, or indulge in First Class pizza flavours, such as the hearty Meatasaurus or the web-exclusive Portofino Prawn – all for just half of its original price! The promotion is valid for all pizza sizes except for Personal pizzas.

But that’s not all! You can complete your meal with a curated range of chicken, pasta, or bread sides offered at Domino’s Pizza Singapore that will leave you satiated. These include the crisp and tender Crazy Chicken Crunchies baked to perfection, creamy Mac & Cheese (Chicken), or fluffy Breadstix sprinkled with garlic seasoning and served with a tangy salsa sauce. For a sweet end to your meal, the decadent Chocolate Lava Cake with molten chocolate oozing from its centre or the crowd-favourite Cinnastix sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar are not to be missed.

Domino's Pizza Singapore Combos
Domino’s Pizza Singapore Combos

Order pizzas online

The 50% off promotion offers excellent value and convenience for everyone, be it a dinner for one or a party for twenty! For a fuss-free experience, order online. There’s also a Click & Collect option to minimise your waiting time at the restaurants and to save on delivery fees. Customers who Click & Collect with a minimum spend of $22 via cashless payment will be given a free bottle of Coca Cola (1.5L).

Take advantage of these fantastic deals! Head to Domino’s Pizza Singapore and enjoy your favourite pizzas at half the price today!

Domino’s Pizza Singapore

Domino’s Pizza Singapore offers customisable pizzas with various toppings and crust options and unique and localised flavours. They provide fast and reliable delivery service and serve sides, desserts, and drinks to complement their pizzas and provide a complete dining experience. Domino’s Pizza Singapore is committed to using high-quality ingredients and making its pizzas from scratch daily.

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