Dallas Boat Quay: Weekend Rib Eye at $28++

The Great Weekend Steakout at Dallas Boat Quay

Embark on a culinary journey at Dallas Boat Quay with The Great Weekend Steakout, an offering that promises the ‘prime’ of your life. This article delves into the delectable weekend special available at one of Singapore’s most beloved riverside dining spots.

The Ambience: A Riverside Dining Oasis

Nestled along the bustling Boat Quay, Dallas Restaurant and Bar offers a picturesque setting by the Singapore River. It’s the perfect spot for a weekend indulgence, blending serene views with the lively atmosphere of Singapore’s dining scene.

Architectural Elegance

Dallas Boat Quay boasts a design that marries modern elegance with a rustic charm. The natural wood finishes and ambient lighting create a cozy atmosphere, while the outdoor seating offers panoramic riverside views, making it an ideal location for both daytime and evening dining.

The Great Weekend Steakout: A Culinary Highlight

The highlight of Dallas Boat Quay is The Great Weekend Steakout, offering a unique steak sensation every Saturday and Sunday.

Black Angus Prime Rib Steak: A Gourmet Delight

At the heart of this weekend special is the renowned Black Angus Prime Rib Steak (250g). Expertly aged and grilled to perfection, this steak promises a symphony of flavours. Each steak is accompanied by a crisp garden salad and the irresistible Dallas fries, creating a balanced and satisfying meal.

Sauce Selections

Enhance your steak with a choice of gourmet sauces – black pepper, mushroom, or red wine jus. Each sauce is crafted to complement the rich, succulent flavours of the Black Angus Prime Rib.

Beverage Pairings

Elevate your steak experience with a refreshing glass of beer or world-class wine for an additional $8++. These pairings are specially selected to harmonize with the flavours of the Prime Rib.

Wine and Beer Selection

Dallas Boat Quay’s beverage menu includes a diverse selection of local and international wines and beers. The staff can recommend the perfect drink to accompany your meal, ensuring a well-rounded dining experience.

Dining Times and Reservations

The Great Weekend Steakout is available from 12pm to 2pm for lunch and 5.30pm to 7.30pm or 8pm to 10pm for dinner. The last food order is at 9.30pm. This timing allows guests to enjoy their meal against the backdrop of Boat Quay’s day-to-night transformation.

Making a Reservation

Secure your table by making a reservation through Chope. Alternatively, for a more personal touch, you can WhatsApp Dallas Boat Quay at 8938 0333.

Service and Dining Policy

Dallas Boat Quay prides itself on exceptional service. The staff are committed to making your dining experience memorable. Please note that each guest is required to order 1 Weekend Prime Rib or 1 A La Carte Main Course per sitting.

Our Personal Review: A Steak Sensation

On our visit to Dallas Boat Quay, we were thoroughly impressed by the culinary finesse displayed in their Prime Rib Steak. The steak was perfectly cooked, employing the sous vide technique before being expertly flame-grilled. This method ensured that our medium doneness steak was not only tender and juicy but also adorned with classic grill lines, adding to its visual appeal.

The Sides: A Perfect Complement

The sides served with the steak – a crisp garden salad and Dallas fries – were a delightful accompaniment, enhancing the overall flavour profile of the meal.

Wine Pairing: A Harmonious Match

We opted for the house red wine, which paired exquisitely with the Rib Eye. The wine’s robust flavours complemented the steak, creating a harmonious dining experience.

The Second Floor: An Ideal Setting

Our seating on the second floor of Dallas, the air-conditioned dining level, was an added bonus. This space is comfortably tucked away from the bustle of Boat Quay’s riverfront, offering a tranquil and intimate atmosphere, perfect for a date night or a serene dining experience.

Dallas at Boat Quay’s The Great Weekend Steakout is an unmissable event for steak lovers. Its combination of exquisite cuisine, stunning location, and top-notch service makes it a must-visit destination in Singapore’s dining landscape.

Dallas at Boat Quay is located at: 123 Boat Quay, Singapore 123456

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