ROASTELIER: In-house Coffee Roasting in Singapore

Roastelier-Fresh Roast being bagged
Roastelier-Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

A Compact Revolution in Coffee Roasting

A brew with the proper roast is simply complete. Introducing ROASTELIER ™ by NESCAFÉ ® – a groundbreaking development in Singapore’s coffee industry. A compact solution, it offers restaurants, cafes, and dedicated baristas an opportunity to master the art of in-house roasting.

ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ® – where modern technology meets traditional coffee roasting.

What Makes ROASTELIER Unique?

In the ever-evolving world of coffee, many brands and technologies emerge, each claiming to revolutionise the industry. Amid this bustling panorama, ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ® stands out as an emblem of innovation and craft. But what truly differentiates this cutting-edge machine from the rest?

Compact Yet Comprehensive: One of ROASTELIER™’s most noteworthy features is its compact design. Despite its size, it doesn’t compromise on its capability. Specifically crafted for cafes, restaurants, and baristas, it ensures that businesses, regardless of their spatial constraints, can easily venture into the realm of in-house roasting.

Tailored Roasting Experience: The art of roasting coffee beans is intricate, and ROASTELIER™ appreciates this. It offers unparalleled customisability, allowing users to tweak and experiment with different roasting profiles. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle hint of hazelnut or a robust cocoa undertone, ROASTELIER™’s intuitive system ensures that your specific taste preferences are met with precision.

INTELLIRoast™ Technology: ROASTELIER™ is not just another roasting machine; it’s a testament to technological prowess. The integration of INTELLIRoast™ technology – which synergises Fluid Bed Roasting with proprietary software – ensures consistent and top-notch results with each batch. This marriage of traditional methods and modern tech serves as a hallmark of the ROASTELIER™ experience.

Global Expertise, Local Flavours: Drawing from Nestlé’s vast global knowledge, ROASTELIER™ guarantees that each bean meets stringent quality criteria. Yet, it also celebrates the diversity of coffee flavours. With beans sourced from global hotspots like Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia, ROASTELIER™ allows baristas and enthusiasts to journey through a world of flavours while crafting their signature blend.

Educational Journey: Beyond the actual roasting, ROASTELIER™ creates an all-encompassing experience. It fosters a deeper appreciation for the craft by offering workshops on blending and cupping, thus widening the horizons for coffee aficionados and novices alike.

Roastelier-Ethiopian Coffee Beans
Fine Arabica beans from around the world, ready to be roasted to perfection.

A Word from the Expert

Jake Hu, with over a decade of experience as the Head Judge of World Coffee Championships and a Master Roaster, endorsed the ROASTELIER™, calling it a “game changer for in-house coffee roasting.”

Prime Roast Bean Varietals: A World of Flavour

ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ® goes beyond mere technology and innovation. At its heart lies the dedication to celebrate the rich tapestry of coffee flavours. This commitment shines brightly in their choice of three distinct Prime Roast bean varietals. Let’s delve into the unique profiles of each:

1. Brazil Prime Roast

Originating from the vast coffee plantations of Brazil, this bean varietal is a harmonious blend of strength and subtlety.

  • Light Espressos: The Brazil Prime Roast’s lighter tones boast medium-bodied characteristics enriched with notes of nuts and chocolate. These espressos finish with a delightful touch of sweet cereal notes.
  • Medium Espressos: Achieving a beautiful equilibrium, these espressos feature roasted nuts, chocolate, and biscuit notes. The hints of amaretto add an intriguing twist, culminating in a velvety texture.
  • Dark Espressos: A treat for those who relish deeper tones, these espressos are rich, sweet, and complex. Notes of dried fruits and cocoa linger, ensuring a memorable aftertaste.

2. Colombia Prime Roast

The Colombian highlands, known for their unique microclimates, gift us this exceptional bean varietal.

  • Light Espressos: Sweet undertones of milk chocolate and red fruit define these espressos, complemented by a bright and vivacious acidity.
  • Medium Espressos: Venturing into deeper realms, these feature chocolate notes, raisin sweetness, and roasted nuts. The medium acidity ensures a balanced profile, ending with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.
  • Dark Espressos: Intense in body, they captivate with notes of toasted almonds, cocoa, dried plums, and dates, making each sip a rich journey.

3. Ethiopia Prime Roast

Hailing from the historic coffee landscapes of Ethiopia, this varietal introduces us to a bouquet of diverse aromas and flavours.

  • Light Espressos: They strike a perfect chord of balance with notes of lemon tart, sweet citrus, and biscuit, ensuring a well-rounded experience.
  • Medium Espressos: These are a sensory delight with ripened notes of black lemon, citrus, and subtle floral hints.
  • Dark Espressos: A symphony of dried fruits and hazelnut takes centre stage, wrapped in delicate richness and a gentle acidity.

In essence, ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ®’s curated range of Prime Roast bean varietals offers a world of flavour, ensuring that every coffee enthusiast finds their signature blend, a reflection of their unique palate.

Experience ROASTELIER First-Hand

Stepping into the world of ROASTELIER™ is akin to opening the door to an aromatic realm where passion, precision, and perfection converge. Each aspect of the ROASTELIER™ experience is meticulously designed to immerse you into the universe of coffee like never before.

Personal Touch: Upon my visit, the opportunity to personally choose beans for roasting was a standout. The vibrant hues of the green beans, each representative of their unique origins, beckoned for attention. It’s one thing to sip on a freshly brewed coffee, but watching those beans undergo the magical transformation right in front of your eyes is altogether a different kind of elation. The crescendo of this experience peaks when your chosen beans, now perfectly roasted, are handed over in a package, ready to be brewed and relished in the comfort of your home.

Learning and Evolution: But ROASTELIER™ is not just about the act of roasting. Its ethos is grounded in the belief of continuous learning and evolution. From the comprehensive blending and cupping workshops to hands-on sessions with experts, enthusiasts get to explore, learn, and innovate in the world of coffee roasting. It’s an educative journey where one gets to understand the science behind the art.

Elevate Your Coffee Game: Beyond personal exploration, ROASTELIER™ offers tangible business opportunities. With innovative add-ons like take-home bean bags and label printers, cafes and restaurants can create a unique brand identity, offering customers more than just a cup of coffee. It’s an experience, a memory, a story waiting to be shared.

Inclusion: The beauty of the ROASTELIER™ experience lies in its inclusivity. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or someone who’s just taking their first steps into the world of coffee, ROASTELIER™ provides a platform for all to dive deep, experiment, and find their unique coffee voice.


Delving deep into the heart of ROASTELIER™, one soon realises it’s more than just another coffee roasting solution. It embodies an intricate tapestry of craftsmanship, innovation, and a profound coffee appreciation underpinning its foundation.

Tradition Meets Technology: Rooted in time-honoured coffee traditions, ROASTELIER™ seamlessly blends these with state-of-the-art technology. At its core lies the INTELLIRoast™ technology, a harmonious fusion of Fluid Bed Roasting with advanced proprietary software. While harnessing the age-old methods, this technology streamlines the roasting process, ensuring batch-to-batch consistency.

Signature Blend, Your Way: One of the most captivating facets of ROASTELIER™ is its sheer autonomy. It doesn’t just roast coffee; it hands over the reins to cafes, baristas, and enthusiasts alike. With a range of fine Arabica beans sourced from world-renowned coffee regions, ROASTELIER™ allows one to curate and perfect their signature blend. It’s not merely about producing coffee; it’s about moulding an essence that resonates with the creator’s spirit.

Global Standards, Personal Touch: Nestlé, with its extensive global footprint, ensures that each bean aligns with the stringent quality parameters. This global standardisation, combined with the ‘Prime Roast’, guarantees a baseline quality. However, what makes ROASTELIER™ truly stand apart is its encouragement of personal exploration. Custom roasting profiles and sensory variations make each cup brewed a testament to personal preferences and craftsmanship.

A Symphony of Sensory Delights: Each bean, be it from Brazil, Colombia, or Ethiopia, plays its note in this aromatic symphony. From light espressos, with their hints of nuts and chocolate, to the more robust ones, echoing with notes of dried fruits, cocoa, and hazelnut – the ROASTELIER™ experience promises a sensory journey that caters to every palate.

In essence, ROASTELIER™ isn’t just a coffee roasting machine. It’s a beacon for passion, precision, and personalisation in the vast world of coffee.

Nescafé and Sustainability: Brewing a Better Future

In the sprawling landscape of global coffee brands, Nescafé’s commitment to sustainability shines as a beacon of hope for the environment and coffee communities alike. Recognising that a cup of coffee touches many lives before reaching our hands, Nescafé has woven sustainability into the fabric of its operations.

Planet-friendly Practices: Understanding the profound impact of agriculture on our planet, Nescafé adopts sustainable farming practices across its vast coffee bean sourcing networks. These include initiatives to reduce water wastage, promote organic farming, and enhance soil health. By embracing these environmentally-conscious methodologies, Nescafé ensures that the Earth’s natural resources are safeguarded for generations to come.

Empowering Communities: Beyond environmental sustainability, Nescafé’s approach encompasses the socio-economic welfare of the coffee farming communities. Through their various programmes, they empower farmers with knowledge, tools, and resources to enhance yield and quality. This guarantees a steady income for the farmers and ensures a consistent supply of high-quality beans for the brand.

Reducing Carbon Footprint: In the wake of the global climate crisis, Nescafé has undertaken significant strides to reduce its carbon footprint. From utilising renewable energy sources in their factories to adopting eco-friendly packaging solutions, each step is a testament to their dedication to combating climate change.

Partnerships for a Cause: Recognising collaboration amplifies impact, Nescafé partners with various global environmental and social organisations. Together, they work towards common goals, be it reforestation projects, clean water initiatives, or providing educational opportunities in coffee-growing regions.

Educating Consumers: As part of its sustainability drive, Nescafé also believes in educating its vast consumer base. They highlight the importance of responsible consumption and waste management through campaigns, packaging, and outreach.

To sum it up, Nescafé’s sustainability ethos goes beyond corporate responsibility. It is an intrinsic part of their identity, reflected in every cup of coffee they offer. In choosing Nescafé, one isn’t merely opting for a coffee brand; they’re becoming a part of a larger movement towards a sustainable and inclusive future.

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