The Beast: Sweet Temptations

The Beast

The Beast

My first visit to The Beast was with other fellow Burpple Tastemakers for a tasting in October. Thanks to The Beast for selecting my photos as one of the winners from that event, which allowed me to revisit for this meal. The rustic, dark interior makes it a rather cold place that’s not great for photo-taking either. During our previous event, we were seated upstairs and the lights there are much better to light the food and the atmosphere was much warmer—although that may have been attributed to the friendly crowd and we may have asked them to turn on more lights for photo-shooting.

The Beast: Bourbon BarThe Beast: Southern Kitchen + Bourbon Bar

The Beast: Southern Sweet Tea

Our drinks were served with complementary Pop Corn, then out came our Sweet Potato Fries. I was a little disappointed with the Sweet Potato Fries, as they were a little bland with seemingly no seasoning and went soggy quite quickly. I did make the mistake of ordering the wrong item though, as I soon remembered that “Jack & the Beast Stalk” was what I was after—deep fried green beans with “special” seasoning that tastes a lot like the plum powder seasoning on Sweet Potato Fries at the Taiwanese snack stores.

The Beast: Sweet Potato FriesNext up with no disappointments were our Pulled Pork Sliders. Sweet, tender pork with greens pressed between cute little buns. With light BBQ sauce flavouring, these bite sized gems are a definite must-try if you’re visiting The Beast.

The Beast: Pulled Pork Slider

The Beast: Pulled Pork Slider

We shared a main, the Blackened Pork Collar ($24++)—fine beans, mashed potatoes, thyme & garlic cream sauce. Although the pork was tender with a char grilled outer layer that was quite addictive (yes burnt meat is addictive to me), the pork had no flavour in general. It didn’t even have a meaty taste and was pretty bland. Even the sauce was quite tasteless and did nothing to improve the flavourless meat. The mashed potato was average, lumpy, nothing to shout nor boast about.

The Beast: Blackened Pork Collar

The Beast: Blackened Pork Collar

For dessert we had the Bacon Waffle Sundae ($12++)—candied bacon, pecan brittle, butterscotch, waffle and triple chocolate ice cream (recommended flavour). As awesome as it sounds to have bacon for dessert, this didn’t do any justice to my favourite bacon. Even I couldn’t take more than a bite of the bacon as it was overly sweet and dehydrated to a crisp. The waffle was too light (airy) and the ice cream was pretty average. We couldn’t finish about 3/4 of this as it just didn’t suit our taste buds. If they do have the Bacon Maple Glazed Donut, do try that out instead!

The Beast: Bacon Waffle Sundae

The Beast: Southern Kitchen + Bourbon Bar

Overall it was a good night with good company. The Pulled Pork Sliders are a definite favourite of mine from The Beast.

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The Beast
17 Jalan Klapa,
Singapore 199329

Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday: 17:00pm – 00:00am
Friday – Saturday: 17:00pm – 01:00am
Sunday: 10:00am – 17:00pm

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